Why do men develop migraine and what triggers migraine?

Mental health is definitely one of the most talked about health topics in modern society. We are fortunate to live in a generation where discussion about mental health is quite common. This is because, in the generation of our forefathers, mental health was a taboo topic.Anyone talking about mental health ailments was frowned upon and made an item of comedy. One such mental health ailment which we shall be discussing today here is Migraine.

You must have heard it several times, but many literally do not know that actually, it is. You can say an advanced version of headache, where one experiences pain in the head accompanied by being highly sensitive to light, and sound. The person may also vomit, throb and experience dizziness or lack of sense for a few moments. It is a situation where even pills like Fildena 100 and Vidalista 20 may not be able to help properly.

And with time passing the occurrences of migraine are increasing and the age group is narrowing, which is alarming news. When the younger generation who has the responsibility of taking society forward becomes mentally ill, that is definitely not good news. Well, there is no single but multiple reasons that could lead to migraine. Let’s dive deep into it.

Causes of migraine

No defined reason leads to migraine doctors are yet to come out with the exact reason. The changes in the nervous system are the same as the usual headaches, the neurotransmitters transmit the pain signals to the brain. The dopamine, (mood stimulating hormone) is secreted in way less quantity making the man feel the sad, depressed and melancholic mood.

Some of the most common reasons are:


Migraine is one of the inherited qualities from our ancestors along with behaviours, facial and other characteristics. You may not know about your inherited qualities in the initial stages of life, but on attaining adulthood and further manhood, they start arising.When you are a child, you may not notice much about a headache. But after becoming an adult when the headache gets so intense and lasts for 3 to 4 hours, then you know that you have inherited it due to a family chain.

This is a migraine where you are not at fault, but you still have to endure.If you do not have any experience yet, then wait because it will definitely happen at some point in life.

Age Group

Even if your lifestyle is so unhealthy for the mind, but still if you are below the 30s, you are less likely to experience migraine.After crossing the 30s and as you age more, migraine becomes a routine occurrence. So, if your habits are unhealthy, make a positive change in your 30s only so that you lead a healthy life ahead.


Triggers and causes are two different things. Causes are the situations that make you a patient of a particular disorder that is related to lifestyle. But the trigger is a specific thing or substance leading to that disorder. For instance, triggers in case of migraine are:

Hormonal disbalance

Whenever someone tries to mess up with hormones, it tends to initiate migraine. Or if you are already suffering from migraine, then it could make that worse.This is why if you are undergoing an external injection of hormones, like in the case of diabetes, where you externally take insulin shots it is advised to inform the doctor earlier about your migraine. The doctor would then make a call keeping in mind your situation.

Being stressed

Being stressed is never good for health and this is one more example which proves it. Almost most migraine is triggered due to high levels of stress. No one can deny that they have a stress-free life. Be it the richest or the poorest everyone has some level of stress, how we manage is where the art lies.

During stress, dopamine, the hormone that influences your mood is present in very low amounts, due to which you feel like Antonio from “Merchant of Venice”.

Too much alcohol and caffeine

Your favorite booze might be the migraine trigger. You might have felt sometimes slight pain in your head after a glass of wine or whiskey. This could also be due to high caffeine-rich drinks like sugar-loaded cold drinks. To understand this, you must sensitive about your own body and mind.

Improper sleep cycles

Your sleep matters a lot in deciding your overall health and of course migraine, as both are related to the mind. The nervous system needs proper rest, lack of sleep or irregular sleep cycle for continuous periods may triggermigraine. Sometimes it may also happen due to jet lag, so find time for proper sleep or else your mind needs to order Cenforce 100 and Cenforce 150 from