How to create SEO content using Artificial Intelligence.

SEO – Over 80% of companies that use AI (AI) affirm that they have seen positive and rapid improvements in their business.

The concept of the use of AI to create content may seem like science-fiction However, it’s being implemented.

This article is written ideal for those who are trying to improve how they write.

In this step-by-step guide you’ll be taught:

How do you create articles using AI

AI-powered writing tools that can be used at every step of the content creation process

The Pros and Cons of Using Artificial Intelligence to Write Blog Articles

Note: I haven’t considered the length of research and editing. I am clear about the subjects I am planning to include as well as sketching out the content before I begin writing the article.

I go through four phases during my writing process I edit the content, structure as well as style, and then the presentation. Arlin Jordin Washington

Do you want to begin?

How do you create articles by using AI (speed read)

These are the steps needed to apply AI to create articles:

Make use of AI to generate topics for discussion.

Create an SEO-friendly content calendar.

Create an SEO-optimized outline of your article.

Reduce time spent on research by using AI to create content.

Write the piece using AI.

Edit the portion (manual step)

AI assistant for writing to help polish your writing.

Correction to the article.

Plagiarism check.

Make use of AI to come up with ideas

If you’re having a tough in deciding on ideas to write about then let AI help you.

AI can produce potential interesting subjects from your information.

Then, you can select those that are most suitable from the list to make your blog articles or posts.

This is what an AI writer such as Simplified, Rytr, or Nichesss I received from Simplified, Rytr, or Niches. Arlin Jordin Washington

Entry: How to make an urban vertical garden from your home


Vertical Urban Gardening: What You Need to Know to Get Started

How can you make the urban vertical gardens you want from your home

What do you must know about how to design your own urban vertical garden at your home

10 Easy Ways to Grow Your Own Vertical Garden

How do you create and keep urban gardening in your home

Create a calendar of content focused on SEO

You can make use of AI to build an SEO-friendly content calendar.

This means you can use an AI-powered tool for keyword analysis.

You can include all keywords that are related to your primary area of study to a tool for grouping keywords that will then Google each one of them, and determine which ones you need to focus on in this same piece of content.

Create an SEO-optimized draft of the article

Before I began making use of SEO software to create my article I would manually go through the pages at the very top of Google’s results to find out what they’d written about.

I then would create an outline for the article that was superior to the content already in place. Utilizing an AI-powered tool such as the same thing that used to take me anywhere from 30-minutes to an hour is only 5 to 10 minutes. Arlin Jordin Washington

who is this to serve?

After having tried and used I’ve come to the conclusion that it could simplify the lives of:

The people who are dedicated to marketing via email

Web copywriters

Freelance Content writers

for freelance writers of content is the best tool since it can:

Blog Ideas


Blog Schemas


Listicles (sounds odd hahaha)

The generator for blog titles can be very helpful when you’re going through an artistic block as it will save time.

The majority of headlines that are generated are basic, but occasionally you’ll stumble across the perfect headline.

For instance, after trying to create a catchy title for an article dedicated for urban gardening, I turned to and created these headlines.

When I was trying to create an appropriate name for this article I tried and it came up with these headings that you can see above.

I went with the first suggestion, however, the other alternatives could also work, provided certain changes are made to them. Arlin Jordin Washington

Additionally, they offer additional content ideas by using”Blog Title. “Blog Title” option. has developed an extension that lets you use both Google Docs and Gmail tools.

It also includes all the features that you can find at website, which means you don’t need to visit the site every time.

AI-assisted search

Utilizing AI will help you to drastically cut down on the amount of time you spend researching.

For instance, using AI-powered tools such as Genei it is possible to quickly discover summaries of reports, articles, as well as pdfs.

Create the article with the aid of AI

When you’ve got a solid outline, you can begin writing your essay.

AI can be used to assist you. AI to assist you with this process.

There are many AI-based applications that can be useful, however, I prefer using or Rytr for this task in accordance with the topic.

Another interesting AI is CopyMatic. CopyMatic is software built on artificial intelligence. It can write unlimited texts for emails, sales page advertisements, and video scripts in 25 languages, and within 5 minutes.

It also comes with an add-on plugin that you can install in WordPress using their API which lets you transfer from CopyMatic the content you have in your blog.

Modify the article (manual step)

After you’ve completed your initial draft, it’s time to begin editing your piece.

This process includes checking data as well as style editing and structure editing, presentation edit along with SEO-related editing. Arlin Jordin Washington

What are the four components of an article on a blog?

Before you begin writing, it is essential to master the fundamentals of a blog’s structure.

A blog post consists of four principal components:

Title/Headline Introduce the principal concept of the article

Introduction: Inform your reader about what this article is going to cover.

Body Inquire into the subject of the article

The conclusion summarizes the most important concepts

When you write articles that offer suggestions, tips, or any other type of pertinent information A well-organized structure makes everything.

If you don’t have these four components the article will appear messy and unorganized.

It is more difficult to earn respect from readers if you don’t succeed in providing useful and simple-to-read content.

Enhance and refine paragraphs

When you’re done writing your post on the internet, it’s now time to make it more polished with the help AI.

AI writing aids are fantastic for polishing and rewriting your paragraphs and sentences.

They can assist you in the structure of your paragraphs so that they flow into each in an authentic tone for dialog.

Wordtune and Wordtune software can modify sentences one at a time in order to create sentences that are more natural and conversational.

This tool is particularly helpful for those who aren’t native English users.

Article Correction

While AI isn’t able to replace writers, AI does assist in identifying errors that editors might miss.

Grammarly is an excellent illustration of an AI writing tool that can help you proofread your writing However, only in English.

Grammarly is a machine-learning platform that combines natural language processing technology, so you can identify and correct any mistakes on your paper.

In Spanish, you can use spelling check or LanguageTool which is very attractive and comes with a Chrome plugin or download for Windows.

I don’t often use them So I’m not sure of the exact level of reliability they have.

Other noteworthy proofreaders are Lorca as well as abcCorrector.

Verify for any evidence of plagiarism

If you use the services of an external writer or AI to create your writing plan It is essential to utilize a plagiarism checker in order to make sure that you’re publishing original material.

A plagiarism detector can compare your content with other online articles to ensure that nothing was copied or reused without permission.

I really like Quetext However, there are plenty of plagiarism testers.

If you’re in search of an option that is free, Plagiarism Detector provides a plagiarism test tool with a limited amount of words.

Another tool I use frequently for its Windows version Plagiarism Checker X, accurate and user-friendly.

Furthermore, the database of their company is more extensive than the verifiers’ databases many of which ensure the accuracy of their results.

The benefits of using AI to create articles

A shorter learning curve It is more often than not using AI to compose an article will take less time compared to writing manually. It does not require more effort or skill than using an ordinary word processor, such as Google Docs.

Increased productivity Tools for AI have been designed with speed and effectiveness in mind. You can test different drafts of your thoughts until you come up with the most effective one.

Improved writing The use of AI can assist you in rewriting and refining sentences, ensuring that your writing is more natural. SEO

The dangers of writing using AI

Risk of copying content There is a chance that using AI to write articles could create content that isn’t unique. Before publishing an article, make sure you verify the authenticity of your article using tools such as Quetext.

Quality control is not in place Another issue can be the fact that the quality and accuracy of the AI-generated content could be quite different. Sometimes, text generated by AI doesn’t look natural or grammatically accurate. This can be easily corrected through editing or correcting the text.

The possibility that AI tools are low-quality Every tool comes with an individual level of sophistication, therefore you need to select an advanced technology to ensure high quality.

Inconsistency with the brand’s voice If different copywriters utilize AI content generators in their own unique ways it is possible that the voice of your company isn’t consistent in terms of tone and style. It is possible to avoid this issue by following guidelines and the style guide when you use AI Content Generators.

Factual mistakes AI-generated content may include factual errors. Therefore, make sure that you employ an accurate editing procedure when using it for advertising or content.


Globally, the use of Artificial Intelligence to write articles aids in increasing the frequency of publication and helps to create more engaging content.

It is crucial to have a strategy to overcome the limitations of these artificial intelligence-powered tools for writing articles.