Here is why You Must Play This Awesome Game – Camel Cash Casino

Did you ever get the urge to place bets on casinos albeit without losing any money? Don’t worry. I am not asking you to visit a traditional casino and place your bets. In fact, I am talking about this marvelous social casino game—Camel Cash Casino. Introduced by Camel Motion, this game is set to change your perception of online casino games.

So, what are social casino games?

Social Casino games are the best when it comes to playing casino games without having to worry about losing money. This is because no real investment actually takes place. You get virtual credits and get the pleasure of enjoying top-quality slot machine games that take reference from Vegas slots. It has everything that a real casino has— slot games, poker, lights, music, coins, and even entertainment.

There are thousands of such social casino games, but Camel Cash Casino stands apart from the rest. I am going to state some of the reasons why you should play this game right off the bat.

1.     It has Over 45 Slot Machines: The first and foremost reason why you should check out this game is its dazzling slot machines. These slot machines are very similar to the ones you would essentially find in a local casino, or even, Vegas. That’s true. They are one of the major attractions of this game that makes placing bets a fun activity. There are over 45 slots with new additions every now and then.

The ones that people have been loving playing are Piggy Vault. Jewel Riches, Volcano Rock, Zombie Treasure, and Freaky Bull, among others.

2.     Earn Extra With Cash Cards Album: Now, when we talk about the best features of the game, this one cannot be missed. It is one of those mesmerizing features where you have to complete a set of 18 albums, or milestones. Each successive milestone awards you with coins. Once you complete all of them, you earn yourself 5 billion coins. However, to achieve that, you need to collect a few cards such as Machine Cards, Gold Cards, Regular Cards,s and Duplicate cards.

3.     Fun Mini Games For You: This is another reason why this game is a must-download. Apart from the slot games here, you will also be graced with the presence of some exciting mini-games to take away the dullness. Now, these are fun and engaging and you can absolutely revel in their greatness. Moreover, this is your chance to grab those extra coins that it offers you. Some of the mini-games that you will likely find exciting are FunHouse Pinball, Lucky Disco Balls Mania, and Beer Mania Fortune, among others.

4.     Get to Play in Portrait Mode: As you already know, most games that you play come in landscape mode. A lot of users find it inconvenient to some degree because they need to flip their phones to get the angle right. It could become cumbersome at times. However, Camel Cash Casino offers you games in portrait mode as well.

You can enjoy the perks of both here with excellent graphics quality and are non-pixelated. This heightens the gaming experience for you on the whole. Some of the games you can play in this mode are Jungle Queen, Wheel of Diamond, Sizzling 777, and many more.

5.     It has a User-friendly Interface: Well, to begin with, nobody enjoys a game if the interface is complicated. An easy game-play with a friendly user interface garners more audience as opposed to a complex one. Most people would skip a game if they find it complicated. Therefore, Camel Cash Casino is all about ease and simplicity when it comes to its gameplay. Besides, no prior level of training is required to play this game. It is easy and smooth and enjoyable to its core.

6.     Earn Rewards & Bonuses: The rewards and bonuses in this game are aplenty. You can grab the daily, hourly, and weekly bonuses in addition to the daily spin. For those who are new, there is a welcome bonus of 1 million coins. Moreover, it also rewards you with Return Bonus and VIP Bonus. These are the extra coins with which you can help unlock certain features and proceed in the game efficiently.

7.     Play Other Games: If you thought that was all, you are wrong. Apart from playing slot machine games, Camel Cash Casino showers you with other exciting casino games which are exciting and compelling in their own ways. Games such as Blackjack, Video Poker, Roulette, Baccarat, etc are some of the other casino games that elicit a sense of excitement in you.


As you know now, Camel Cash Casino is the best social casino game beyond any doubt. Its eye-catching features make it one of the best slot machine games in the market today. So, grab your iPhones and iPads and start downloading this incredible game from the App store.