Top 10 Funniest Sports Fails Of All Time

Let’s face it, sports can be pretty boring. But every once in a while, something so ridiculous happens that it makes you laugh out loud! Check out these ten hilarious examples of sports fails.

The Most Embarrassing Moments in Sports History

There are countless embarrassing moments in sports history. From players forgetting how many outs there are to entire teams collapsing on the field, these blunders are sure to make you cringe. Here are some of the most embarrassing moments in sports history:

1. The “Phantom Punch” Game

In 1999, the Cleveland Browns were leading the Jacksonville Jaguars 14-10 in the final seconds of the game. The Jaguars were about to attempt a game-tying field goal, but Browns defensive back Dwayne Rudd got a little too excited. He prematurely took off his helmet and celebrated what he thought was a game-ending sack. However, the officials ruled that Rudd had committed an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, which gave the Jaguars a first down and an opportunity to kick the game-tying field goal. They did just that, and the Browns went on to lose in overtime.

2. Steve Smith’s Meltdown

In 2008, Carolina Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith had a complete meltdown on live television. After getting into a fight with cornerbacks Cortland Finnegan and Josh Norman during a game against the Tennessee Titans, Smith was shown on camera throwing punches at both players and spitting in Finnegan’s face. He was eventually ejected from the game and suspended for two games by the NFL.

3. Bill Buckner’s Blunder

In 1986, Boston Red Sox first baseman Bill Buckner made one of the most infamous errors in baseball history

Biggest Sports Bloopers

We’ve all seen it before. The athletes who are at the top of their game make it look so easy that we sometimes forget they’re human. But even the pros make mistakes, and sometimes those mistakes are captured on camera for the world to see. Here are some of the biggest sports bloopers of all time:

1. The infamous “butt fumble” by Mark Sanchez of the New York Jets. This play was so bad that it has its own Wikipedia page.

2. Stephen Strasburg of the Washington Nationals gets tripped up by his own feet while running to first base.

3. DeAndre Jordan of the Los Angeles Clippers tries to catch a lob pass but ends up crashing into the backboard instead.

4. golfer Robert Garrigus hits himself in the head with his own club after missing a putt.

5. Houston Texans cheerleader Kelli Smith takes a tumble while performing a routine at a game.

Funniest Baseball Fails

There’s nothing funnier than watching a professional athlete fail miserably at their sport. Here are some of the funniest baseball fails of all time:

1. Jimmie Foxx falls asleep at first base: In 1941, future Hall of Famer Jimmie Foxx dozed off while playing first base during a game. His teammates had to wake him up when the ball was hit to him!

2. Mo’ne Davis gets hit in the face with a ball: In 2014, Little League World Series star Mo’ne Davis was pitching when she got hit in the face with a line drive. She bravely stayed in the game and finished pitching!

3. Babe Ruth trips on his own feet: The legendary Babe Ruth was known for his hitting prowess, but he wasn’t immune to embarrassing moments on the field. In 1925, he tripped on his own feet and fell flat on his face while rounding third base!

4. Billy Crystal impersonates Yogi Berra: During a 1988 Yankees Old-Timers’ Day game, actor Billy Crystal impersonated Yogi Berra and hilariously pretended to be confused on the field.

5. Steve Bartman interfered with a catch: In 2003, Cubs fan Steve Bartman interfering with a catch that would’ve likely ended the team’s curses. Instead, they went on to lose the game and infamously haven’t won a World Series since 1908.

Funniest Soccer Fails

There’s nothing funnier than watching someone fail at something they’re trying to do. And when that something is a sport that people take seriously, it’s even funnier. Here are some of the funniest soccer fails of all time.

1. The player who tried to kick the ball and missed completely

2. The player who slipped and fell on their face while trying to make a move

3. The goalkeeper who let in an easy goal because they were laughing too hard at something else

4. The player who ran into the goalpost while trying to avoid the other team’s players

5. The player who kicked the ball backwards instead of forwards