Startup Company Overseas – Is Thailand a Good Choice?

Thailand has one of the strongest economies in South East Asia and it continues to attract more and more international companies every year. Many entrepreneurs and business people have decided to expand their operations into the kingdom. If you have done your research you will know that Thailand is a great country to do business, […]


What Services Are Offered By a Yacht Broker?

If you are seriously thinking about purchasing a yacht, you would naturally contact a yacht broker, who would have an extensive collection of new and used vessels for sale, yet the yacht broker is so much more that a middleman for buyer and sellers of yachts. Here are a few of the services you can […]

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5 Inspiring Kevin Plank Quotes To Help You Run Your Business

When you think of sports apparel, there are basically two brands that immediately come to mind: Nike and Under Armour, the latter of which is the brainchild of entrepreneur Kevin Plank. A consummate athlete, Plank played for the Maryland Terrapins football team and was, in his own word, “the sweatiest guy on the football field.” […]


The Importance Of Body Language When Speaking In Public

If you plan on being a successful stockbroker, then you are going to need to have some solid skillsets under your belt, one of them being public speaking. Because you will be expected to speak on stage as well as in front of the media, it will be your responsibility to learn how to present […]

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Utilizing A Performance Improvement Consultant To Become More Efficient and Profitable

Every business has areas where its processes can be improved. Whether through complacency or a lack of knowledge, some companies are less prepared to deal with change than others. A company like POWERS can show businesses of all types what performance improvement consulting can do to make themselves more efficient and profitable. Two of the […]


Is Digital Marketing Really Necessary?

The short answer to this question is yes, absolutely. Every single business requires a strong online presence, especially in this digital age we are living in, and without some form of digital marketing, you will probably end up as an also-ran. Marketing has always been a critical component for any successful business, and as everything […]

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Our leaders are the most critical assets of our community. A society cannot function efficiently without having leaders or someone to manage the whole system of the area. Tons of tasks like cleaning, municipal duties, trash disposal, recycling, or even water supply, require someone to manage it precisely. A leader needs to be there for […]

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Image source Money can make your head spin, literally. In the hustle and bustle of life, managing your money is no less than a task. Planning for your future is a must-do task that every individual should think. Pretty much any financial activity or decision that you take will affect the overall financial health. That […]


Common Mistakes in Public Speaking

As a trusted financial expert, you will be presented with many opportunities where you are going to need to speak in public. Not only do these opportunities help you further your career, but they also help in giving your more visibility within your industry. Therefore, you are going to need to brush up on your […]