Typical Services from the Online Insurance Company

There are many types of insurance that we might require and the latest generation of insurers operate their business online, which is great for the consumer. Insurance is a very broad sector, one that covers many aspects and here are just a few of the types of insurance you can take out with the online […]

3 Tips For Starting A Business Selling Baked Goods

3 Tips For Starting A Business Selling Baked Goods

If you’ve always dreamed of being entrepreneurial but haven’t really had a knack for business, you may find that your other skills could lend themselves to the beginnings of a business. For example, if you love to bake and have great recipes that you can share, starting your own small business where you sell baked […]

Personal Finance

Can a Solo 401K Plan Help Me and My Business?

Most entrepreneurs are both the employer and the employee but they fail to consider the tax obligations while seeking freedom through self-employment. A Solo 401(k) helps qualified solo business owners and entrepreneurs to set up a retirement plan to save for their future while enjoying financial flexibility and tax benefits. What Is A Solo 401(K) […]


4 Ways Retail Businesses Can Navigate the Realities of 2021

2020 was one of the roughest years for many businesses in a long time. Since the Great Recession, most establishments haven’t faced such difficult economic times – and even then, a reduction in sales and business was a better fate than closing doors, which is what many businesses have been forced to do. In particular, […]

Market Movers

5 Resources Crypto Traders Love

What do you need to trade cryptocurrency? You need an understanding of the market, some technical know-how, a high tolerance for risk, and of course, a little luck. In addition to these internal needs, you need the right resources as well. The resources needed for trading cryptocurrency include things like an exchange to trade on, […]

Kevin Plank Transitions Sagamore Farms to Whiskey Production, Horse Racing Ceases

Kevin Plank Transitions Sagamore Farm to Whiskey Production, Horse Racing Ceases

Sagamore Farm has been known for decades as place where many champion horses had their start.   Now, it’s going to be known as a place where championship whiskey has its start. Owner Kevin Plank, who purchased the historic farm outside of Glyndon, Md., in 2007, recently announced plans to discontinue the Thoroughbred training, breeding […]


SCAD Shares Love and Learning with Savannah Students

This fall, as the new school year began for Savannah and Chatham County students and their families, SCAD President Paula Wallace and other university leaders joined with Mayor Van R. Johnson and the Savannah River Presbytery’s John Ruehl to announce the university’s donation of 160 computers for use by area K-12 students in virtual learning […]


Home Upgrades for the New Year

There are many reasons why homeowners consider upgrading their current home. Upgraded homes can have a higher reselling price but it can be hard to identify whether the upgrade is worth the investment. One upgrade might be valuable to you but not to the future owners of your home, if you ever think of selling […]

Earnings Watch

3 Tips For Keeping Your Restaurant Afloat In 2021

2020 has been a hard year for many businesses. For those that have been able to survive, it can be challenging to look toward the future of 2021 with an eye of hope, especially if you’re a small business that’s barely been keeping it together. Many of the businesses that have failed post-coronavirus have been […]