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SMART CANNABIS/SH SH OTCMKTS: SCNA Proclaims Completion of Greenhouse Retrofit

SMART CANNABIS/SH SH OTCMKTS: SCNA is a public equity corporation advancing the agriculture and cannabis industries and growing through acquisition, strategic alliances, and proprietary intellectual property. The company’s wholly owned subsidiary, Next Generation Farming Inc., provides turnkey, automated, commercial greenhouses systems that efficiently improve yields and decrease water consumption for cultivators of organic food and cannabis crops.

SMART CANNABIS/SH SH OTCMKTS: SCNA On March 27, 2019 has announced completion of a Yolo County installation which involved retrofitting 24,000 square feet of greenhouse space and equipping the facility with the company’s elite SMART App technology and progressive equipment specifically designed to ensure high quality, high volume cannabis yields year-round. Revenues are reportedly $676,000.

The fully operational cannabis cultivation site is already halfway through their first grow cycle. This feat is reported to be especially notable because the cannabis crop flourished mid-winter, an often challenging, low-productivity time in the cannabis industry and wherever temperatures are low. This prosperous outcome is being attributed to the revolutionary technology and specialized equipment installed to ensure bountiful, year-round yields. The entire cultivation site is equipped with raised beds utilizing the company’s SMART Micro Boilers, automated Dosatron irrigation, automated distribution of Dyna-Gro® liquid nutrient concentrate, the SMART Multi Spectrum LED Cultivation Lights, and the company’s SMART App which allows for the full automation features to be managed remotely, reducing overhead in personnel and utilities for the client.

“Next Generation Farming transformed our property of bare, incomplete greenhouses into a functional, operational cannabis cultivation site in just a few months. They have demonstrated exceptional professionalism, fulfilled commitments, and equipped us with top-of-the-line technology and equipment. We’re extremely satisfied with the outcome and look forward to contracting them with them again as we work toward expanding this facility. Planning and project development with the Next Generation team is already underway,” declared Kyu Kim, Co-Founder and CFO of CompassLeaf LLC.

Smart Cannabis Corp. further reports that preliminary drawing of designs for the possible expansion of this project site are underway. More information is expected to be delivered on this news in late Spring 2019.

SMART CANNABIS/SH SH OTCMKTS: SCNA On April 09, 2019 has proudly announced the addition of highly acclaimed California architect Sean Freitas to its recently established Advisory Board. Mr. Freitas has been working with Smart Cannabis Corporation’s primary subsidiary, Next Generation Farming, since 2017, playing a key role in managing many critical aspects of the company’s projects. Mr. Freitas is a licensed member of State of California Architects Board, holds a A, B, C-10, and C-16 General Contractor’s License, and is also a licensed Real Estate Broker in the State of California.

“The background of Mr. Freitas is impressive and truly invaluable to the growth of our highly productive company. His field experience in the realms of design, cost estimation, scheduling, construction, and maintenance of buildings, structures, and site improvements are further take environmental sensitivity and cost identification into account resulting in a value-driven project delivery. Sean works with us on complex projects and always over-delivered. Having him formally involved in advising on how the company grows by way of project selection is a big win for us,” stated company CEO and Chairman, John Taylor.

The Advisory Board has been established to leverage the expertise of experts the company actively contracts with to help develop and maintain strategies which result in optimal growth.

SMART CANNABIS/SH SH OTCMKTS: SCNA On Feb. 05, 2019 has unveiled footage of a nearly 24,000 square foot cannabis cultivation site in Yolo County. The Next Generation Farming project involved retrofitting eight (8) 30’x96’ greenhouses and installing top-of-the line equipment to ensure optimal yields. Further, the company has established strategic, direct manufacturing partnerships with Dosatron USA and Dyna-Gro to optimize cultivation outcomes for this and future clients.