Fake Security application removed by Google from its Play Store

Google took down a fake security application named Virus Shield from its Play Store after being downloaded by several android users.

Among the paid applications on Google Play Store, Virus shield was one of them which topped the charts and was a fake one. As Google found it fraudulent, it pulled down the application from the Play Store a week after its launch. The application was made by an anonymous developer which earned about 40,000 Dollars from nearly 10,000 downloads. The price of the application was $3.99.

There are several other trusted applications available in the Play Store mainly McAfee, Norton, Avast, AVG which are free to download.

These applications offer other features to be unlocked by purchasing the application. On the Other hand the Virus Shield was a paid application. The Tech blog confirmed the bogus nature of the application after decompiling the java code on GitHub.

“This is fraud, pure and simple, and the developer “Deviant Solutions” potentially made considerable amounts of money based on a complete lie,” Android Police wrote at the time of its discovery. “We assume that a lot of the initial reviews were fake, but now that it’s on the top of the charts, at least a few people will be buying it in the belief that it will protect them.”

The users that have purchased the application cannot take refund.

Because Google allows a user to take refund within 15 minutes of purchasing the application.

This means that users can verify the application functioning and proceed accordingly.