5 Fun Family Activities in Bangkok

If you are planning a family holiday at one of the premier resorts in Thailand, you simply must add a week for the capital city, Bangkok. A unique city in many respects, Bangkok does hold some great family experiences, and with that in mind, here are a few examples.

  1. Theme Parks – Bangkok has more theme parks than most cities, and with a tropical climate, you have a few world-class theme parks, and with a single family ticket, you can enjoy the many facilities, with beaches and waves. Dreamworld is perhaps the best known, with 4 zones; Adventure Land, Fantasy Land, Dream gardens and Dream World Plaza.
  2. Temple Trips – The Thai Buddhist temples are serene areas, where you can experience wonderful gardens, and with many temples along the banks of a river, you and the kids can feed the huge fish from small teak rafts. Remember to dress appropriately when visiting a Buddhist temple, and if your kids are into art, they will appreciate the fine Thai art and architecture.
  3. Sukhumvit Shopping Malls – Very westernised, and with all the famous brands represented, you can buy a few souvenirs, and with an affordable family hotel in Bangkok, your accommodation worries are over. The Skytrain makes for easy travel and with an online map, you and your family can plan the perfect day trips, and with some great eateries on the upper floors, you can dine in style.
  4. Parks – You have so many to choose from, and all in pristine condition, tended by Thai workers continually. One such location is Rama XI Park, which is at the northern side of Sukhumvit Road and is the ideal place to spend the day, while Lumpini Park is near Silom Road, the financial sector of Bangkok, and don’t be surprised to bump into a 3-metre water monitor lizard (they are afraid of people), as they freely wander the park. There’s an abundance of wildlife in Thai parks, as you would expect in a lush, tropical country, so do some online research and create a schedule.
  5. Long-Tailed Boat Rides – Many tourists do not know about the complex network of canals that make up Bangkok, and with a map of the routes, you can experience something close to a fairground ride, as you whizz along narrow canals that reflect the Thai way of life. They operate canal and riverboat taxis, plus you can rent a boat for a couple of hours and ask the owner to show you around. A slow ride will allow you to see the women washing clothes, drying fish and generally cleaning their homes, and with canal food markets, you can try the local fruit and vegetables.

The above are just a few of the fun things that you can do with your family while in the amazing city of Bangkok, and by choosing an affordable hotel in the centre, you can plan your day trips.