5 Perks Of Living In The Suburbs

Deciding where you and your family want to live is one of the most important choices you can make as a parent. Making the choice between an urban lifestyle and a suburban lifestyle can be tricky for some.  

However, even though living in the city may seem glamorous and convenient, most people find that suburban living has many more advantages. Take a look at some of the perks of living in the suburbs

Better School Districts 

Inner-city school districts don’t have the best reputations for being the best out there. However, once you move out into the suburbs, you’ll find that the school districts have much better ratings. Some people believe that this is a result of higher property taxes and council rates, which benefit school funding. 

If you have kids, you obviously want to make sure they get the best education possible. If paying for private school is out of your price range, then finding a great school district is in your best interest financially as well. 

Better Neighbor Relationships  

Living in the city usually means your neighbors change more frequently. However, suburbs usually involve people living in one place for longer periods of time. Suburban communities encourage building relationships with your neighbors. 

The result is building a stronger connection with your suburban community and having a stable environment where you know everyone around you. Whether it’s a simple wave while taking out your trash can or asking for help feeding your cat while you’re away, knowing your neighbors is a pleasant luxury of suburban life. 

Lower Crime Rates 

If you have a family you want to know that your children can play in the yard without you having to worry about their safety. The suburbs are known for having much lower crime rates than urban areas. Feeling at ease in your neighborhood is incredibly reassuring when you have children. 

Less Traffic 

There’s nothing worse than getting stuck in traffic on your way somewhere. When you live in the suburbs, you have to worry much less about traffic congestion and finding a parking spot. If you are lucky enough to live in a suburban area where there are grocery shops, you’ll find that the lack of lines will also be to your liking. 

More Nature 

Since suburban areas are usually less developed than urban areas, there are usually more trees, parks, and natural scenery for residents to enjoy. Most people feel calmer and more connected to the world around them when they live surrounded by more natural settings. 

Since city life is usually full of blaring sirens, construction racket, and honking cars, the silence of suburban life can be music to your ears.