What Services Are Offered By a Yacht Broker?

If you are seriously thinking about purchasing a yacht, you would naturally contact a yacht broker, who would have an extensive collection of new and used vessels for sale, yet the yacht broker is so much more that a middleman for buyer and sellers of yachts.

Here are a few of the services you can expect to find at an established yacht broker.

  • Yacht management – A yacht can be anything from a small vessel suitable for an adventurous couple to a superyacht that costs millions of dollars, and each boat has its own level of complexity. Much like a car, a yacht has service intervals that are recommended by the builder, and failing to adhere to these will likely void any warranty you might have, and with a professional team of yacht technicians in your corner, you can always be sure that your investment is in very good hands.
  • Yacht Care – A well-established yacht broker would have facilities in various parts of the world, namely South East Asia (Thailand, Malaysia & Indonesia), China and Hong Kong, as these regions are prime sailing destinations. If you are in the middle of a voyage and require some repairs or maintenance, you can simply visit one of their facilities and the issue will be resolved, allowing you to continue your journey.
  • Yacht Finance – If you are looking to finance the purchase of a yacht, the yacht broker can offer very competitive rates for a loan.
  • Selling a Yacht – In the event you are looking to upgrade are would like to sell your current vessel, the yacht broker would have the connections to find a buyer, a service for which they receive an agreed commission from the seller.
  • Buying a Yacht – The yacht broker has a long list of vessels of all sizes and even if they don’t have what you are looking for, they are able to source any kind of vessel, and, of course, they can facilitate a new build, should you be so inclined. Most people approach a yacht broker when looking for a vessel, as this is a trusted source and the buyer knows the broker has their best interests at heart.
  • Acessories & Toys – If you fancy a couple of jet-skis, or would like wetsuits and scuba gear, the yacht broker would likely have the best brands and prices. The SEABOB range are incredible machines that propel you through the water at any depth and are the most popular water toy at the moment, and this allows you to really explore the underwater world in a way that is fun!
  • After Sales Service – When you purchase a yacht from a broker, they would offer you a full after-sales service, ensuring there are no teething troubles, and should you ever need spare parts, your broker has you covered.

The yacht broker plays a vital role in the buying and selling, care and maintenance of top-quality yachts, so if you are in need of such a service, Google is your best friend.