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How to Finance Your Next Motorcycle

If you are planning on investing in a new motorcycle, there are many ways to pay for the purchase. If you can afford to pay cash, this is probably your best option as you are left debt-free without having to worry about monthly repayments. If cash is not an option, here are some great ways to finance your next motorbike before you drive it out of the showroom.

Types of Loans

There are many ways to finance a motorcycle, from paying for the vehicle in cash to getting finance from the dealership. Thankfully, securing finance for a motorcycle is a lot easier than getting money for a new property. The process is relatively straightforward and most of the time it can be finalised in a couple of hours. At, you have plenty of finance options on both new and used motorcycles.

In addition to paying cash or securing finance from the dealership, you can also get funds from anyone one of these places:

  • Traditional Bank
  • Credit Union
  • Building Society
  • Alternative Money Lenders

When looking to finance your next motorcycle, you must choose the right option for you. Get information on the various types of loans available and see which one best suit your needs.


The best way to get a new motorcycle is to save money sensibly, when the time comes, you can purchase a motorcycle of your dreams without having to worry about monthly payments or interest rates.

Finance can make anything seem affordable, so do not get carried away when you secure a loan or agree on a finance package with the local dealership. If you cannot afford the top of the range model, go for something within your budget. Do not let anyone pressure you into a finance package you are not comfortable with and cannot afford to pay. You must factor in the full cost of the motorcycle and remember to include areas like depreciation, running costs, road tax and insurance.

Dealer Finance

If you do not have the cash to pay for a motorcycle outright, one of your best finance options is through the dealership. Most motorcycle companies have a finance department where they put together packages for clients. You can agree on a loan deal for a new or used motorcycle.

Getting a loan through a dealership is often a lot easier than using a traditional lending system. When you use the dealership, it makes the entire transaction a lot more convenient. You can get everything done in the one place – choose your motorbike, secure finance & arrange insurance. A dealership is like a one-stop shop, they can arrange everything you need to secure your motorbike and begin riding that day.

When it comes to finance options for new motorcycle, you have lots of ways to get a new vehicle. If you can pay with cash, this is probably your best option. You won’t have any debt and the bike will belong to you the moment you leave the showroom. Using a dealership is another recommended choice if you need help with financing.