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5 YouTube Channels to Learn About Finance

YouTube has come a long way since the platform first launched in 2005. Nearly two decades later, it’s one of the most useful tools for learning about subjects you don’t know much about currently. Content creators range from stay-at-home parents documenting the ups and downs of parenthood and its many costs to professional financial advisors who want to make earning, saving, and investing money easy for their viewers.

Where to Spend Your Time Online When Watching YouTube Videos

If you’re looking to learn more about financial topics, devote some time exploring the videos on this channel made available to you for free. You have nothing to lose and lots to gain from the experience. In addition, it’s far less challenging to listen to and watch someone demonstrate the concepts that they’re teaching you than to read about them.

The YouTube channels listed below offer valuable tips and advice about financial matters. Subscribe to and watch the content that interests you the most. You never know when the information provided to you in a video will be relevant. By the time you finish with the experience of watching the five channels listed here, you’ll have a better grasp on financial subjects that matter to you.

The Dave Ramsey Show-Highlights

Perhaps one of the most familiar names attached to the world of finance is Dave Ramsey. His YouTube channel, by the same name, features snippets of some of the phone calls he takes from listeners on his radio show. Topics that he addresses range from debt to cash gifts from parents to selling a house. His straightforward approach to earning, spending, saving, and investing is what makes The Dave Ramsey Show-Highlights channel so appealing. If you want to hear words of wisdom without sugarcoating them, he’s the perfect person to deliver the message.

Clever Girl Finance

The completely free community provides complimentary courses marketed to women. Its YouTube channel updates with new content every Sunday, and there are multiple Clever Girl Finance books available to read for further insight. Some of the topics that the channel addresses are personal finance and budgeting, learning how to say “No,” effectively, and cultivating a millionaire mindset. Although the subject matter can be weighty at times, the creators deliver it in a fun and engaging way not to scare people away from dealing with financial matters.

The Financial Diet

When you think of dieting, it involves cutting back, right? That’s what The Financial Diet attempts to do with its YouTube channel. It wants you to learn every trick you can for putting your spending on halt and stretching your dollars farther. Some of the channel’s most popular videos are titled, How to Start Following the 50/30/20 Rule To Eliminating Budgeting Stress and 9 Unnecessary Items You Think You Need to Buy. The content dives deep into the emotional and psychological reasoning most people state when spending money but delivers it in a friendly, digestible way.

I Will Teach You to Be Rich

For almost two decades, Ramit Sethi has taught his viewers how to be rich. His book by the same name as his YouTube channel helped him build a following of devotees convinced of his strategies for building wealth. Today, the channel has over 195,000 subscribers and tons of videos covering everything from building a successful online business to negotiating a higher salary. There are also many supplemental materials you can purchase along with watching Ramit’s free YouTube videos if you like his teaching style.

School of Personal Finance

This popular YouTube channel deals with everything you need to know about Personal Finance. It covers emergency funds, college savings plans, inflation, and the diversification of your assets, to name a few subjects. It provides you with an easy-to-understand approach that even a novice can implement. The content provided on the site is easily accessible and updated frequently. Be sure to subscribe and hit the alert button to receive notices when new content gets uploaded to the site.

A Sample of What YouTube Has to Offer You

The list provided here is just a sampling of what is available for you to watch. You can add to the list whenever you discover a new content creator that interests you. You can also engage with their community by commenting on their videos and following their social media accounts. It’s an excellent way of knowing that you didn’t miss the latest video posted on the channel.

The subject of finance is complex and may be challenging to grasp through books and magazines alone. The video format YouTube provides makes it easier to visualize concepts and to put strategies in place. If you want to learn all that you can about financial topics, use the platform as a tool in your journey of becoming more financially knowledgeable than before.