3 Tips For More Effective Purse Storage At Home

A vital part of any woman’s ensemble is her purse. Because of this, many women find that they have more purses than they know what to do with. When this happens, it’s important to have the right options for purse storage at home. Leaving your purses lying around or shoved in a closet or tote simply won’t do.

To help you in taking proper care of the purses and bags you’re not presently using, here are three tips for more effective purse storage at home.

Remove Items From Your Purse Before Storage

Before you get ready to put a purse away for a while, the very first thing you should do is empty it of the personal items you have in there. While you might want to leave a few staple items in there that you’ll always want to have on you, like tissues or chapstick, everything else should be taken out.

Especially if you have something specific that you always want to keep on you, like your wallet or your concealed carry firearm, it’s very important that you always remove this item before storing your purse. This way, you’ll always know where that item is and will ensure that it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Help Them Retain Their Shape

While you don’t want to keep things like pens, gum, garbage, or snacks in your purse while it’s being unused or stored, you won’t necessarily want to keep your purse completely empty either.

For many purses, in order for them to last a long time, they need to have some help retaining their shape. In most cases, this can easily be done by stuffing some tissue paper into the purse to help bulk it up a bit. Don’t, however, use something like bubble wrap to stuff your purse, as it can be hard for your purse to get the right airflow with this material inside of it.

Protect Them From The Elements

Even though you’ll be storing your purses in your home somewhere while you’re not using them, you still need to consider how you can best protect them from the elements. Things like dust, moisture, and direct sunlight are not going to be friends to your delicate purses made from quality materials.

Knowing this, you may want to consider storing your purses in a dust cover or dust bag to help keep dust and moisture away from the materials. You should, however, ensure that there is proper airflow around your purse so that the materials are able to maintain their integrity.

If you want to ensure that your purses will look good enough to keep using year after year, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you learn how to best store them for longevity.