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The micro-economy spinning around Messi’s Paris adventure By Reuters


© Reuters. FILE PHOTO: Soccer Football – Lionel Messi arrives in Paris to join Paris St Germain – Paris-Le Bourget Airport, Paris, France – August 10, 2021 Paris St Germain fans celebrate as they await the arrival of Lionel Messi outside Paris-Le Bourget airport REU


By Richard Lough

PARIS (Reuters) – For Paris photographer Olivier Sanchez, there is only one story in town: the new life of Lionel Messi.

The Crystal Pictures agency was criticized by newspapers and magazines all over the globe for photos of Messi, his family and their arrival in Paris a month later.

He stated, “Today, Messi is my favorite player.” He said, “Everybody wants one piece.” He is King. It’s that simple.

It was that simple.

According to media reports, PSG had agreed to a shocking net salary of 71 millions euros ($84million) for two years. However, club chairman Nasser Al-Khelaifi stated bluntly that the people would be shocked by how much he made.

It goes beyond the club.

Messi is a wealth of financial opportunities, from luxury real estate agents to Argentine restaurateurs, paparazzi and private concierge.

Sanchez claimed that he was accompanied by at least two photographers who collected tips. They followed Messi and PSG to get the first photos of his family after they broke cover.

In Barcelona, he won the admiration of locals for his down-to-earth lifestyle, waving at neighbours, enjoying seafront meals and taking his children to bouncy castles.

Sanchez explained that newspapers would love to see Sanchez take his children out on a stroll in Paris or in a park.

Susie Hollands (luxury real estate agent) is currently searching the market to find a property that would be worthy of the Forbes-listed athlete, who was named the 2nd highest-paid in the world, for 2021. Hollands is the founder of Vingt Paris boutique real estate company and has worked with PSG in the past. He knows what players want.

Hollands stated that players typically want to have 1,000 square meters – which is a small area in Paris. They also need parking.

It is important to have privacy and top-notch security.

Hollands quoted one PSG player as saying that she was paying 35,000 euro ($41,000) per monthly and added that such a contract would pay her 50,000-60,000 euros.

“We are looking into it to see if there is something. Hollands explained that either you have it or not. Hollands was also a member of a small group of agents with whom the club collaborated.


For several years after the Emir of Qatar bought PSG in 2011, Yves Abitbol’s concierge company helped settle some of its highest-profile players, organising the house hunt, dealing with banking and insurance paperwork, and finding house staff.

He also took care of the fancier requirements of players, such as visits to luxury boutiques and sports car dealers.

Abitbol stated that his company MyConcierge worked closely with PSG before it established its own internal team many years ago. This cut out the need for him.

Abitbol’s luxury travel agency, however, has witnessed a Messi boom. He said, “I have people asking me to organize three days in Paris to provide seats for Messi’s match day.”

After Messi signed at Strasbourg, tickets to PSG’s game one were sold secondhand for 800 euros. This was in spite of the fact that he wasn’t actually playing but watching.

His fellow star Neymar, Kylian and Mbappe were set to accompany him in a terrifying attacking trio to Brugge during the Champions League.

According to PSG, his number 30, which costs 108 euro, sold more quickly than any other jersey. Talkwalker, an activity tracker, said that PSG had 3 million social media followers since Messi signed on Tuesday in August. This was from when Messi first connected to the club.

Again, the club was not alone

“We saw a jump on social media,” said Enrique Tirigall, co-founder of Volver, an upmarket Argentine restaurant chain in Paris. Following the Argentine’s signing, there was a flood of reservations for his steakhouse. It is a favorite haunt among Messi players, including Angel Di Maria.

Tirigall explained that everybody wants to eat the same food he makes.

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