Construction continues on China’s embassy in Washington, D.C. on July 17, 2008.

Getty Images China’s Washington Embassy reacted to the announcement of a security pact by Australia, Britain, and the United States on Wednesday. They said that nations should be “shaken off their Cold-War mentality” and avoid ideological prejudice.| Bloomberg | Getty Images

China’s Washington embassy reacted to a new security pact announced by the United States, Britain and Australia on Wednesday by saying that countries should “shake off their Cold-War mentality and ideological prejudice.”

The United States, Britain and Australia said on Wednesday they would establish a security partnership for the Indo-Pacific This will allow Australia to purchase nuclear-powered subs as Chinese influence in the area grows.

When Liu Pengyu, a Chinese Embassy spokesperson was asked for comment. He said that countries should not create exclusionary blocs which target or harm third-party interests. Particularly, they need to get out of the Cold-War mentality as well as their ideological prejudice.

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