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TSA bolsters airport security ahead of pro-Trump rally at U.S. Capitol By Reuters


© Reuters. Sun rises behind U.S. Capitol. It is surrounded by security fencing ahead of the planned rally in support of Jan.6 defendants in Washington. U.S. September 16, 20,21. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

By David Shepardson and Jan Wolfe

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Travelers (NYSE:) arriving at the airport nearest Washington, D.C., will face increased security in the run-up to a planned Saturday rally supporting people charged with taking part in the deadly Jan. 6 riot, the Transportation Security Administration said.

“Travelers will notice increased law enforcement and canine presence along with a generally higher level of awareness in TSA’s intelligence-driven, risk-based approach to transportation security,” a TSA spokesperson told Reuters, referring to Reagan National Airport, in Virginia just across the Potomac River.

For the “Justice For J6” rally in Washington DC, hundreds of far-right protestors are expected. This refers to Trump supporters’ Jan. 6 invasion of the U.S. Capitol in an effort to prevent the certification of President Joe Biden’s victory.

Trump continues to claim that his loss was due to widespread election fraud. This assertion was denied by numerous courts and state election officials, as well as members of Trump’s own government.

Look Ahead America, a pro-Trump group, claimed that 600+ people who are facing criminal charges for Jan. 6 riots violations have been treated unfairly and singled out based on their political opinions.

Recognizing the violence against police and the destruction of windows in the Capitol building, authorities have increased security at the Capitol.

On Thursday, a fence placed around Capitol after the incident, and which was removed in July, was being put back in place.

It separated the Capitol lawns from the other landmarks of government, including the Supreme Court and Library of Congress. The Capitol Reflecting Pool (NASDAQ) was also located west of Capitol Hill. This is where the protesters planned to meet on Saturday.

Although there were no other visible signs of increased security, plexiglass shields from the police could have been seen at checkpoints within Capitol Building doors.

One person was killed by police, and three others died from injuries sustained in an emergency. The Capitol Police officer, who was attacked by protesters, died on the next day. Later, four police officers involved in the defense and reorganization of the Capitol committed suicide.

According to the U.S. Capitol Police, it requested that the Pentagon provide National Guard soldiers if necessary to ensure security.

Trump spoke out on Thursday about the protest, saying that “our hearts and minds are with those being persecuted so unfairly in relation to the January 6th protest regarding the Rigged Presidential Election.”

Both police and representatives from Congress said that they were ready for Saturday’s demonstration, even though most of their members will not be there.

Nancy Pelosi (House of Representatives) spoke at a British forum on Thursday and said that “they have their plans.” They will have more support from everyone.