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Weekly Crypto Gaming News – Chainlink, Axie Infinity, Ethermon, Grasshopper Farm, Ubisoft, CryptoZoon, Legends of Bezogia By DailyCoin


Weekly Crypto Gaming News – Chainlink, Axie Infinity, Ethermon, Grasshopper Farm, Ubisoft, CryptoZoon, Legends of Bezogia

Crypto hello to all the 1st and 2nd players!

Read in today’s digest:

  • The developers of Axie Infinity are planning to upgrade the combat system.
  • Grasshopper Farm has a new crafting expansion that allows for the creation of weapons.
  • The first arena season was launched by Nine Chronicles, a Ubisoft company.
  • Ethermon intends to modify the 3D battle mechanism in Decentraland.
  • CryptoZoon, Legends of Bezogia and CryptoZoon have all integrated chainlink solutions.

Axie Infinity Is on the Way to Battles V2 Combat System

The creators of Axie Infinity posted the September update where they announced that development on Battles v2 (Axie Infinity: Origin) is accelerating. It will make the game more appealing to new gamers and bring about many other improvements.

It promises to make the gameplay more fun and faster. Demo mode will allow you to test the system without having to pay any money. In-game land can be also used. You will also find crafting and harvesting of resources there. There will also be an open amusement park featuring a large number of mini-games.

However, no release date has been set. Origin will only be available to the first group of Axie warriors.


  • As the release date is pending, Axie Infinity: Origin can become an object of waiting for a hoping Hachiko herd. On the other hand, it’s great that the team has plans for further developments and improvements. Players need to feel impressed that the GameFi industry isn’t static.

Grasshopper Farm Released New Crafting Expansion

The team behind Grasshopper Farm are moving further with Enjin Jumpnet integration. Recent implementation of the crafting mechanism for weapons was made possible by the Enjin token. This means that we’ll get the possibility of using them in other games from the Enjin ecosystem if the developers support such functionality.

Grasshopper Farm can be played directly through Telegram messenger. As the game is part of Enjin ecosystem, it must be compatible with Enjin wallet. It is a RPG/Arena game and its main objective is to collect grasshoppers and complete quests.


  • My feelings regarding the game’s visuals remains oxymoronic: it’s clunky and weird as well as eye-catching and appealing.

Ubisoft-Backed Nine Chronicles Starts Season 0 with Prize Pool (NASDAQ:) and NFT Drop

Ubisoft became one of the first big gaming industry players joining the blockchain world. The French game publisher already partnered with Tezos, created a mentorship “camp” to help young blockchain developers, and even had a slight touch on Axie Infinity.

Nine Chronicles is another blockchain project that they support. It’s a free to-play, blockchain-based RPG. This is the final arena season 0. It’s a completely new story with an exclusive winning pool for those who finish it. The prize drop includes 896K NCG (the game’s currency) and 240 season exclusive NFTs.

There will be an arena mode with P2P gaming, which allows players to play with actual opponents.


  • No great complaints about the project. Local tokens are not available on exchanges. The only way you can use the local token as in-game currency is to list it on an exchange. Smooth Love Potion, (SLP), from Axie Infinity, was still in that same position until the game became large enough. This case will be interesting to see if it is.

Ethermon is Changing the Design of 3D Battle Mechanics

Ethermon is one more Pokémon-inspired project in today’s digest. It’s interesting how blockchain gaming pioneers are interested in pet/creatures/monsters collecting/breeding/battling games. On the one hand, it’s understandable. It’s easy to make such a genre. The best features for this type of genre are blockchain. We also need variety.

Ethermon released the September update. They also revealed a minor change to gameplay. So far, the “button smash” approach prevailed in the battle mode, which is more relatable to clickers. Developers promised to change the gameplay towards a turn-based RPG. For clarity, the 3D battles are only for those in Decentraland. The 2D local combat system is unaffected.

The update’s release date is the same as Axie Infinity’s: to be announced. However, anyone who is interested in volunteering for the project may join the testers’ guild.


  • The only remark here is that developers have tried to create a new game out of the old one. There are 2D RPGs on the site, but Decentraland must have an Ethermon 3DMMORPG. These two genres require different approaches in development.

Chainlink Solutions Were Integrated Into CryptoZoon and Legends of Bezogia

While some crypto blockchain platforms take the approach “slow and steady wins the race,” Chainlink is one of the projects stepping on the toes of cutting-edge technologies. Its price feeds and verifiable random function (VRF) were in the right spot at the right moment during the blockchain play-to earn boom.

The first is an advanced network that sources data on market prices from professional nodes. However, the second is a high-quality random number generator for blockchain with smart contract support.

The recent updates to CryptoZoon: Price Feeds are now integrated in Chainlink VRF (The Legends of Bezogia).

Cryptozoon is one more creature collecting game, similar to Pokémon or Axie Infinity. You can earn points by playing to win battles or farming and also training ZOANs (local monsters) that you create. Contrary to the above analogies combat here cannot be visualized. Textual representations of the outcomes of battles are available. In my humble opinion, it’s a little bit of an idle approach.

Legends of Bezogia is the second Chainlink-partnered project. It seems less complete. We have a NFT marketplace that offers a variant of the same character, and 10 seconds of gameplay video. The game’s genre is announced to be MMORPG. That’s all we know so far.


  • The visuals of both games leave much to be desired. While the CryptoZoon game is available to play, this second project seems a bit too unfinished. We shall see what’s next. Perhaps the integrations were just the beginning.


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