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Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies Reach Universities By DailyCoin


Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies Reach Universities
  • The importance of the industry has led several dozen universities to offer academic crypto training courses.
  • It aims to provide specialist knowledge, expand the understanding of the blockchain and cryptocurrency and respond to the rising demand.
  • The United States, Europe and many Latin American countries have renowned universities that offer higher education.

Enthusiasm for and other crypto assets continues to grow around the world. According to a Coinbase Inc report, some top universities have included cryptocurrency and blockchain studies in their educational programs. Coinbase is an American crypto trading platform.

The study, which dates back to 2019, shows that at least one third of 50 top-ranked universities worldwide have studied crypto technology and digital currency.

Cryptographic Studies in Venezuela and Latin America

Recently, a university in Venezuela announced its decision to incorporate blockchain and cryptocurrency engineering training into its academic options. Ezequiel Zimora National Experimental College of the Western plains (UNELLEZ) is the institution at issue.

This state-dependent center will launch in 2022 a degree program in cryptocurrency and blockchain engineering at its San Carlos headquarters, Cojedes state. It is also considering creating a diploma in Digital Economy, “with which the population will have greater access to this information of high value for the future of the economy.”

The rapid expansion of cryptocurrencies in Venezuela, along with the Bitcoin mining farms that were legalized, and the informal jobs that have been created around the digital ecosystem, has served to interest the Venezuelan university in the training of specialists in the space.

Other similar experiences are currently being developed in Chile, Argentina, Peru, Colombia and México. Each of the Latin American countries has at least one institution that offers training in blockchain technology or cryptocurrencies.

Venezuela ranks amongst the top countries in which cryptocurrencies are being used most. This includes Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

Due to the Bolivar’s remarkable historical decline, commercial transactions are not made with it. The government of Nicolás Maduro and the Central Bank of Venezuela have suppressed 14 zeros from the currency in the last 13 years to try to refloat the currency, but the attempts have been in vain.

Cornell University Tops the Global List

The Coinbase report was compiled based on “surveys of 735 American students aged 16 and over, a comprehensive review of courses at 50 international universities, analysis of research citations and non-course offerings, and interviews with professors and students.”

Cornell University in New York tops Coinbase’s 2019 list of leaders in crypto education. University’s offering blockchain courses include the University of California-Berkeley, Stanford, MIT, and New York University.

“Cornell offers 14 classes on cryptocurrencies and / or blockchain (up from 9 in 2018) and its group IC3 [The Initiative for Cryptocurrencies and Contracts] brings together researchers from the best universities around the world,”
the university notes.

Wool University in Europe is one of Europe’s most prominent blockchain-based university education programs. This project was started by Oxford academics. The educational project is based entirely on blockchain technology and promotes itself as the “Uber (NYSE:) for students, Airbnb for academics.”

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  • Will crypto education help centralize the industry or will it decentralize it further?

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