Ways To Increase Foot Traffic For Your Small Business

Running a brick and mortar store in the midst of a pandemic poses a whole new set of challenges for small business owners. Driving foot traffic in a physical location requires some crafty marketing methods, but there’s still plenty of room to thrive in today’s economy.

Take some time to equip yourself with the right tools, and you’ll see your business benefit from your diligence. Dive into this brief look at a few helpful hints to get you started along the road to success.

Prioritize your store’s appearance

You want to catch the attention of consumers passing by your brick and mortar store, so you’ll need to prioritize the appearance of the place.  Make sure your signage is always up to date and clearly visible from the street.

You can also add extra incentive to consumers by purchasing an ATM for your store. Simply having an ATM sign in the window will attract more foot traffic.

Create a Google My Business listing

Foot traffic marketing hits heavy when you hone in on your local population. Google is a great way to connect digitally with a larger marketing pool while still keeping the focus local.

Make sure your business has a well crafted Google My Business listing, and keep the information on the page up to date.

If your store is going to be closing early one day, take the time to update the information. Keeping the info up to date and reliable helps reflect on the reliability of your store.

Stay active on social media sites

Social media is the best way to keep in constant communication with your local customer base.  Building a local following on your social media pages will help personalize your business a bit more too.

Post regularly about new products/inventory in the store, and give followers plenty of high quality images to view.  Use social media as a way to keep your store fresh in the minds of interested consumers.

Keep your website updated

Having a functional business website is non-negotiable in today’s world.  You cannot run a business to its highest potential without a digital home base.

Invest in the development of your business website. Develop a strong products page on a convenient ecommerce platform, and make curbside pickup available for online orders.

Use location-based services

You no longer have to be a tech professional to create digital content that reaches the right people.  There’s an app for that!

Learn to incorporate the use of locally targeted apps to drive more foot traffic to your business.  Groupon, FourSquare, and Living Social all provide a good place for you to begin boosting your digital outreach efforts.