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Why EpicHero is the Safemoon of NFT and set to change the whole GameFi space By BTC Peers


Why EpicHero is the Safemoon of NFT and set to change the whole GameFi space

EpicHero is the biggest 3D NFT War Game on the Binance Smart Chain Network. You can choose from heroes from Greek Mythology, China (China), Japan, Egypt and India to build an unstoppable army. Collectable Epic Hero Battle Card NFTs can be summoned, merged and evolved by users. They then bring these cards to the greatest arena for battle against other Epic Heroes.

EpicHero also rewards NFT holders with an additional 5% bonus token transaction fee and NFT market transaction tax. EpicHero NFT holders will enjoy great passive income from this innovative scheme by just keeping the NFT in a wallet.

As the world’s first NFT to give holders reflection rewards in BNB, EpicHero is expected to be a true game changer. EpicHero can be called the Safemoon in NFT. EpicHero has been a pioneer in the field of NFT and continues to innovate and apply new ideas to improve the GameFi industry.

What makes EpicHero special is its 3 killer features, only with EpicHero:

1. World’s first NFT game and the only one until now that gives NFT holders reflection rewards in BNB.

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BNB dividends are greater the longer EpicHero 3D NFT is held.

Epic Hero 3D NFT is more appealing because of its limited supply. Everyone wants it.

2. BSC’s largest battles have thousands of players each. They can use NFTs in large numbers to challenge one another for cash prizes.

3. Each NFT is a true 3D model that people are proud to display and own. Users can now view the NFT fully in 3D mode. They can zoom in, rotate and zoom out, as well as enjoy a 360-degree view.

Creating a new hero based on community voting result – Great excitement for international communities

Not only can you choose your favorite heroes from Greek, Norse, China, Japan, Egypt, India, Roman Mythology, but the local community can also vote for the next heroes based on their culture and EpicHero will create a NFT for it!

It will be simple to link Culture and Game, and it will make it easy for players to spread the word. Think about what it would look like for a Vietnamese player to get a Hero such as Lac Long Quan, Au Co, or Quanyu.

It doesn’t matter where you live, there aren’t any restrictions on your creativity. There is no limit to the amount of 3D NFTs we can create. EpicHero can bring any culture to the game as long as it has existed on Earth.

EpicHero: Why should you invest?

EpicHero is the safest NFT for you, according to the team. EpicHero has something that no other projects until now has had, which will benefit EpicHero NFT holder’s long term:

1. NFT rewards in BNB for reflection: EpicHero is offering the first NFT-based reflection reward. That means, the longer your NFT remains, the higher the BNB dividend will be. Because there are very few of these rewards, EpicHero makes it more attractive to keep it.

2. Epic Hero NFT is extremely limited and will be becoming rarer due to the NFT merging/burning mechanism. The merging mechanism allows users to choose two heroes and merge them into one that has better traits or is more rare. This will result in a decrease in the overall number of heroes.

Both of these mechanisms ensure that Epic Hero NFT holds more value over time. Thoreum Auditing performed a thorough audit of the project. RugFreeCoins also audited it.

Thoreum is EpicHero’s strategic investor and has strong user base as well financial support. The team has a large network of investors who are diamond hands. They have gained valuable knowledge about investing in long-term projects like Thoreum. The team believes they can get the support of Epic Hero, despite the difficulties.

EpicHero was able to quickly gain exposure to Thoreum’s 20 existing local groups, with over 140,000 members. This includes Indonesia, Vietnam and India. Thoreum’s huge network spans the entire globe, across their telegram pages interacting with hundreds of thousands of people from various nationalities, religions, languages and ethnicities.

Thoreum’s marketing capabilities are strong and extensive advertising has been started. EpicHero has been advertised on every platform on BSCscan and Poocoin. Coinzilla and BSCNetwork. and BSCNews. There are also many AMAs and investment groups that have been held with media partners and prominent influencers (NYSE:). The above is only a few days before EpicHero was launched. More activities and investments are planned.

All those from different backgrounds have been included in the target client list. Epic Hero welcomes all and we look forward to seeing you at the biggest Battle Ground on the Binance Smart chain.

Long term development & long term benefit for investors is EpicHero’s main target, which is also why EpicHero chose to be a strategic partner with Thoreum, the project that has been battle tested and has the right recipe for resilient long term growth, even in bearish periods of the market.

It’s a combination of built in strengths of the tokenomics, multiple innovative use cases, talented & dedicated team, focus on delivering a SAFU project, and strong, proactive marketing.

EpicHero has a burn mechanism in place that allows for 1% burn per transaction. This is to ensure long-term success. The tokens will become rarer the longer they are in circulation. EpicHero also have reserve funds like Thoreum’s 5,000 bnb Thor Thunder, that’s the best warranty during a bear market.

Not only is Epic Hero NFT highly limited in numbers, but also it will become rarer and rarer day by day because of EpicHero’s NFT merging (burning) mechanism. Users can merge two heroes into one, which will decrease the overall number of heroes.

EpicHero is a popular choice for anyone looking to play2earn or collect, as well as holding EpicHero to make passive income.

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