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DoorDash will soon deliver alcohol to customers


A DoorDash Inc. delivery person holds an insulated bag at Chef Geoff’s restaurant in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Thursday, March 26, 2020. Geoff Tracy, a restaurateur and businessman is turning to GoFundMe for help.

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DoorDash said Monday customers can now buy alcohol directly through its app.

It will expand the company’s reach and encourage people to use the app more often, as customers can now order drinks from it directly. DoorDash claims that alcohol delivery can increase restaurant’s average order value by as much as 30%.

However, the company did not immediately provide details about which states might allow it. DoorDash stated that the DoroDash App will allow alcohol to be ordered in over 100 million countries, including 20 US states and Washington D.C.

DoorDash customers over 18 can use the alcohol tab to place orders for beer, wine, and spirits at a variety of local shops and restaurants. According to the company, it will verify the ID of the buyer in both the app and when they receive their order.

Before Monday’s announcement national and local retailers could sell alcohol via DoorDash Drive’s white-label fulfillment system, DoorDash Drive. This allows gig workers to deliver the orders from merchants directly.

The move will also pit DoorDash further against its delivery competitor Uber. Uber is used to be a ridesharing app. However, it has been spending the epidemic strengthening Uber Eats. It acquired alcohol delivery startup Drizly earlier this year for $1.1 billion.

DoorDash was also able to benefit from the recent food delivery trends in the past year since it went public. The company’s stock began trading at $182 per share on Dec. 9, 2020, and closed at $223 on Friday, up about 22.5%. The company’s market capital is $74.9 billion. This compares to Uber’s $75.3 billion.

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