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Graham Stephan explains why he decided to stop being so frugal


Graham Stephan is on track to make more than $6 million this year, and he’s finally allowing himself to open up his wallet.

Since his twenties, YouTuber Graham Stephan has cut down on all costs, including designer clothes and coffee shops. “No one is more frugal than me,” he said an interview with CNBC Make It in 2019.

Two years later, however, Stephan has adjusted his philosophy slightly. Although he claims that he’s still frugal, and doesn’t buy coffee outside of his home anymore, Stephan now spends more money, even on products that would be prohibitively expensive to him as a younger man.

Stephan used to only record his YouTube videos at night because he couldn’t afford an air conditioner. Stephan now keeps multiple air conditioners in operation at his Las Vegas home.

“I remember [in 2019] the contractor gave me a quote to put in an AC unit in the garage. It was about $3,000. “I think it was around $3,000. I thought, “Well, I could just shoot in the morning anyway. I could also film at night,” he said. It was stupid. I wish that I hadn’t spent $3,000 more.

Stephan decided that comfort is something worth investing in. Stephan uses the money he earns to pay back time and works approximately 10 hours per day for his YouTube channels.

Stephan says, “This shift happened about a year back when I was overwhelmed and taking on too many things.”

He pays $130 for a professional to come to his pool once per month and splits the $250 monthly with Macy to hire a cleaner. He says that the expenses are worth it to have more time to relax or put back into his work.

“[A cleaner is] able to do so much more in two to three hours [and] I’m able to go and do so many other things,” he says.

Stephan will also be more open to ordering food or having it delivered after working long hours. He says, “If it means that I can save an hours and Macy doesn’t have to cook then that is 100 percent worth it to either pay a delivery fee or to order food at a restaurant.

Stephan now lives in Las Vegas and allows him to go to a casino from time-to-time. However, he adheres strictly with his rules and will never place more than $100, $200, or 200 bets in one day.

He says that he does the same math as if he were buying anything, and thinks about which game will give him the most money. Avoiding games like slots which can have a large house advantage and sticking to craps, blackjack and baccarat, he says, is a good idea. My rule is that if you double your money, I’ll always get away. This month, I believe I have $700.

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