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Can Skyrim Adopt Crypto and Blockchain Faster Than Stormrite is Released? By DailyCoin


Can Skyrim Adopt Crypto and Blockchain Faster Than Stormrite is Released?

Blockchain became the “cure for all diseases” in crypto-related and fintech media. Everyone needs blockchain; blockchain for you, blockchain for me… Let’s just calm down and think thoroughly.

Blockchain adoption is beneficial for many reasons. Elections are one example. If every vote is an NFT the chances of ballot manipulation will be almost zero. However, memcoins are unlikely to be used for blockchain.

Game Genres Suitable for Blockchain

Let’s have a look at this through a gaming prism. Axie Infinity and My DeFi Pet were the most popular play-to earn gaming projects. Ethermon, Binamon, Ethermon and Ethermon also accounted for the largest demand. It is clear that the evolution was inspired by CryptoKitties and CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club. Gamifying this process also allows for breeding and battles.

Following closely were Splinterlands, My Neighbor Alice and other farming simulations. It is an logical progression. Both genres feature collecting and ownership, particularly in farming games. In the next update to Axie Infinity: Origin, the developers of Axie Infinity plan on implementing land farming components.

But only the boldest have chosen to make multiverses: Enjin, Decentraland and Sandbox. This is the most complex and advanced way to use Blockchain. These are the projects that have been under development for years. Enjin is one example.

While each genre is unique, the common thread between them all is that they have high levels of community participation. The environment is what gives the game its value. This shows that the two are inextricably linked. You don’t need anything to play single player games. You own the game. For multiplayer projects however, you must own the game.

Blockchain will benefit Skyrim

Skyrim differs from other games reviewed. It’s a story-based open-world action-RPG requiring a minimal amount of online elements. Skyrim does not have an online mode, except for unofficial mods.

This begs the question: Why is blockchain needed for single-player games? As Stormrite demonstrated, blockchain-based RPGs seem in great demand.

The answer lies, as cliché as this sounds, outside the box.

Role-Playing Game stands for Role-Playing Game. This means you can create your own gaming character. You will guide them through the storyline. Doesn’t it sound familiar? Breeding Axies, rare CryptoPunks…?

The RPG genre is well-known and popular. Its origins come from fantasy tabletop games, which didn’t even involve computers at that time. All the action used to happen in live conversations fuelled by participants’ imaginations. RPGs are now story-based, single-player games that allow you to evolve your character as the story unfolds.

After the story is over, what happens if you get an NFT? Yes, you can. Just imagine that you are able to get an exclusive and uncommon NFT from the marketplace. It can be used in all other games that support it. It’s a journey you can go through with your character from game to game, not only inside one. It’s like breeding an Axie NFT but throughout the entire game.

Which brings us to…

The Elder Scrolls Multiverse?

Let’s admit, the Elder Scrolls universe already exists. The Elder Scrolls series began in 1994 with The Elder Scrolls Arena. It was a major breakthrough in action-RPG gaming at the time. A year later, PC Gamer US declared it the 18th most popular game of all-time.

The series was continued by Bethesda Game Studios, Bethesda Softworks. Each part has two to eight spinoffs. Now, the name “Elder Scrolls” stands for a synonym for a good RPG game. The Elder Scrolls Online is a multi-player online game that fans can play while they wait for the sixth installment.

You can see that the universe is huge and each part of it has a name and a storyline and setting. The only way to start a new game is by buying it. While this is acceptable for a one-player game, it can create a barrier to entry for multiplayer games.

So far, the possibility to transfer your unique character formed throughout the single game into The Elder Scrolls Online doesn’t even exist. This process is not clear and there may be many questions. If it does, The Elder Scrolls Online could become a totally different game.

However, blockchain adoption is one of the best ways to make this possible. This could also transform the Elder Scrolls universe to the multiverse. This is to allow your character to move from one place to the next.

Moreover, if you “save” your character as an NFT, you could auction it on either an internal or external marketplace. Blockchain gives you all of the possibilities to own your character. RPGs are an example of this: Your character represents you. That’s why owning it and transmitting from game to game provides greater immersion into the gaming world.

On The Flipside

  • If this happens, an option of “saving” your game character as an NFT wouldn’t be for free. It is expensive to make NFTs, as practice has shown.
  • However, there is no guarantee that NFTs will work with backwards compatible devices. The series’ next games are technologically superior to the ones before them. Developers must think ahead in order to build the multiverse.
  • Bethesda was never noticed in any interests for blockchain, unless the crazy conspiracy theory that the studio created

Stormrite: Seems Like Skyrim But on Blockchain

Of course, hoping that big game studios will become “blockchained” is good but the reality shows that cutting-edge technology implementation is an indie developers’ feature.

Kelechi Apama is the sole developer responsible for this particular game. According to the official project’s Reddit channel, the development process started two years ago. Stormrite recently raised $55K through Kickstarter to help accelerate the release of the demo version. Preliminary, it’s set for Q4 2022.

It will be an action-RPG that uses blockchain technology. Although it looks more like the Witcher series visually, the game promises to include most of Skyrim’s elements and peculiarities. It is not clear what the role of blockchain technology in this game will be. However, the game joined Enjin NFT ecosystem, which means backward compatibility with Enjin’s “The Multiverse” package. If Stormrite developers permit it, Stormrite NFTs will also be accepted by other Enjin games.

Bethesda also plans to jump aboard the blockchain train. Probably not – at least soon. To avoid frightening existing players, big gaming companies take great care when adding new features to their games. That’s why it’s safe to assume they would rather create a new action-RPG series with full support of blockchain than radically change the Elder Scrolls concept.

Why you Should Care

Stormrite, like many other projects, is still at the embryonic stage. Some of these projects will eventually reach their final release. It will be possible for players to choose between games that use blockchain technology or ones that do not. If everything goes right, there is the possibility that one option could steal the show or become the blanket hog.

That’s why big gaming studios should start thinking about this in advance. Players should be aware of the opportunities presented by blockchain projects.


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