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HUMAN Protocol’s Native Token, HMT, Listed on Bitfinex By BTC Peers


© Reuters. HUMAN Protocol’s Native Token, HMT, Listed on Bitfinex

The cryptocurrency industry already has countless use cases, even though we are still only beginning to discover all the ways that it can be applied to change the world as we know it. Some of the obvious uses include making it easier, faster and cheaper to transact anywhere in the world. You can also use them for development purposes or to earn passive income via staking.

However, as the adoption is picking up across the globe, and there are already countries that are adopting cryptocurrency — not to mention skyrocketing institutional adoption — there are new use cases that are becoming reality, even though they were only theoretical up to this point.

The HUMAN Protocol project is developing a digital token to help pay distributed workers. This is an example. And, as evidence that the protocol is beginning to take root — it was just listed on Bitfinex.

What’s the HUMAN Protocol Project?

Developers from many fields have long been obsessed with the idea of combining emerging technologies like crypto and blockchain with other revolutionary concepts and tech, such as AI and Machine Learning. HUMAN Protocol does not just focus on these goals. However, automation is a long-term goal. This is where workers will contribute to the development of AI through valuable tasks they get paid.

In fact, any kind of work — including microwork — deserves to be paid, but the process of doing so would be too time-consuming and too expensive if humans had to manually approve every such transaction, which may sometimes consist of only a few cents.

Enter HUMAN Protocol. This protocol aims at making such processes completely automated, recorded and settled on blockchain. It would be completely transparent and not require any trust or manual labor from humans. But this is just one of many applications for the project.

Despite this, it is still promising for the crypto community, since the project was recently listed on Bitfinex.

The HUMAN Protocol on Bitfinex

According to the HUMAN Protocol Foundation, their native token, HMT, is now supported by Bitfinex where it is available for trade. It was made available to trade on Tuesday 21 September at 09:00 UTC.

Ever since the recent token sale, Bitfinex have been keeping an eye on HMT. The available data shows that HMT was purchased by 63,000 participants. This is a sign of great interest and potential. This number actually broke the CoinList participation record.

The HUMAN Protocol Foundation’s Director of Technology, Haryjot Singh, said that HMT was designed to transform the way people work, and to be a truly practical solution to acknowledging every job and activity that workers perform. This is a way to recognize effort and contribute, but it must also be easily accessible for Requesters.

This is why listings like this are crucial for the project’s future, as each one demonstrates the broader vision to increase the token’s circulation and utilization.

Bitfinex’s reputation as one of the most powerful, robust, and popular exchanges around the globe has made it one of the biggest goals of the young protocol, and now, this particular goal can be crossed off the list.

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