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The Newly-Launched VelasPad is a Crucial Addition to the Next-Gen Blockchain, and Here’s Why By BTC Peers


The Newly-Launched VelasPad is a Crucial Addition to the Next-Gen Blockchain, and Here’s Why

Blockchain technology is seeing a rapid surge in adoption, and as new opportunities are opening up — new projects and chains are emerging to seize them in hopes of gaining an advantage against competitors. At this time, is still the biggest development platform, but its high gas fees and inability to scale are slowly but surely turning developers, as well as users, away from the project.

This poses an excellent opportunity for alternative platforms to shine and attract users, which is why everyone’s biggest focus right now is on speed, efficiency, affordability, convenience, interoperability, and more. This is why having your own launchpad can be a big advantage to these new ecosystems. It allows you to assist with the launch of other projects.

BlueZilla is an example of this. It just launched VelasPad (its native launchpad), which aims to improve the Velas ecosystem as well as help new developers find a home.

The Importance of VelasPad

As mentioned, every blockchain ecosystem stands to gain from having a native launchpad. The native launchpad allows for easy capital raising, token issue, transparency and other benefits. VelasPad is an operationally and financial independent venture that has been officially approved by the company which runs the main blockchain.

The main benefit of the launchpad is that any project that launches on this platform can be easily fast-tracked into Velas’ $5 million grant program. This will help to accelerate the development and growth of projects and reach more people. It also helps them fund their initiatives. All this for the benefit of improving and enriching the environment in which they live.

There are already more than 40 grant applicants at the time this article was written, which indicates a high demand and popularity. They will also conduct their first raises via VelasPad soon. The VelasPad team and VelasPad are distinct, but they have a shared vision to foster accessibility and growth. Each team aims to support the development of next-generation blockchain projects. They draw on the lessons of the past to create a future demand. This is all contained within the Solana-adapted blockchain, which has the lowest TPS per block and all of the benefits of processing Ethereum smart contracts.

This launchpad does not stand alone, it is part of a larger cross-chain initiative. It isn’t surprising that this launchpad is part of a larger cross-chain effort, considering the high level of interoperability within today’s cryptocurrency industry. VelasPad, which is part of an expanding group of venture launchpads founded by BlueZilla (an experienced blockchain studio), has some products that are quite popular. VelasPad is joining the already well-known launchpad ventures BlueZilla, such as ETHPad BSCPad and TRONpad.

The Bluezilla Group developed all of these projects. It is working hard to make blockchains more popular, more innovative and more user-friendly. It is crucial that launchpads be launched. Velas’ launchpad is an important step. The launch will be significant for the whole crypto industry, as it will launch the next generation in blockchain projects.

Velas is a great host because of its high TPS, low transaction costs, and other benefits over slower and older chains like Ethereum. Velas’ benefits allow it to hit a 50,000 TPS mark, but it also supports Ethereum smart contracts, and it is already home to some rather innovative projects, like Vault, BitOrbit, and others.


In the end, Ethereum may have been the second most important project that the crypto industry ever got, but these days, it is no longer up to the task of serving as the biggest development platform. It’s not scaleable, it’s not fast and it has a high transaction cost. Velas solves these problems almost instantly, using advanced technology that is already attracting the attention of many people in crypto development.

Although Ethereum will continue to be an iconic crypto currency, the technology behind it is outdated and will not keep up with the demands of the blockchain market. No matter the situation, Velas projects are more than up to the task. Developers will prefer to work with a chain they trust than one they don’t believe in.

You can find more information on the VelasPad website and see what Velas does for the blockchain industry

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