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U.S. and Mexico fly Haitian migrants away from border as pressure builds on Biden By Reuters


© Reuters. As they prepare for transportation, migrants are seperated from other migrants. Others wait in an informal camp at the International Bridge in Del Rio (Texas), U.S. September 21st, 2021. This picture was taken by a drone. REUTERS/Adrees Latif

By Daina Beth Solomon

CIUDAD ACUNA, Mexico (Reuters) – Mexico and the United States were on Wednesday preparing to fly more Haitian migrants away from chaotic U.S.-Mexico border camps, as pressure mounted on U.S. President Joe Biden to stop expulsions of Haitians to their poor, disaster-hit homeland.

More than 500 Haitians were deported from a Camp housing thousands of migrants, mostly Haitian, on the U.S.-Mexico border near Del Rio in Texas by U.S. officials since Sunday.

According to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, such deportations back to Haiti will continue.

Mexico also began flying migrants from the U.S. to the border and sending them by bus towards the border with Guatemala.

Some opponents have called it “a disaster” and U.S. politicians have criticised Biden’s handling.

U.S. authorities are investigating an incident in the which U.S. border agent mounted used their whips to intimidate migrants crossing Rio Grande.

The incident was captured in anger by the Biden administration. They claimed that the agents were removed from their front-line duties.

This occurred amid deep instability in the Caribbean nation. It is the most poor in the Western Hemisphere. In recent weeks, a Presidential assassination and rising gang violence have caused chaos.

Filippo Grandi (head of U.N. refugee agency) warned that U.S. expulsions to such volatile situations might be in violation international law.

Many migrants are also gathering on the Mexican side of Ciudad Acuna across from Del Rio. Because of the lack of food and conditions in the camp, the migrants fled the U.S. Camp by crossing the Rio Grande.

After talks with Haitian representatives, Mexico announced Tuesday that repatriation flights will be available to “who want to return to their homeland”.


While reports abound of Haitians across Latin America heading towards the United States, some are having second thoughts.

Maurival Makenson (Haitian migrant) said that his younger sister, a Haitian immigrant, was heading towards the United States from Colombia. He tried to convince her to go back.

“I tell him it’s hard to get papers. There are deportations,” he stated.

On Tuesday, some of the deported Haitian migrants angrily reacted as they got off the planes in Port-au-Prince. After enduring thousands of miles from Haiti via South America to seek a better future in America, the journey was exhausting.

The Mexican flights to the south of the country have sent

Some 130 people have traveled on Mexican flights to the southern Mexican city of Villahermosa, and another 130 people to the city of Tapachula on the Guatemala border, a Mexican government official said.

Officers from Mexico’s National Migration Institute (INM), entered two hotels in Ciudad Acuna on Tuesday night and assisted about 20 migrants.

A woman speaking behind a partition told Reuters that she didn’t know the destination of these migrants.