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An interview with the CEO of Dacxi By BTC Peers


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2020 was an unprecedented year, which saw lightning-fast changes occur across all spheres of life. In the face of rapid technological propagation brought on by COVID-19, it’s no surprise that traditional industries are falling behind. The world’s banks have emerged as a particular casualty. Numerous financial institutions and enterprises have gone bust. This is a clear sign that the old-fashioned institutional structures cannot be trusted. Instead, trust needs to come from an exterior – and most importantly, neutral – source. Dacxi is the global wealthtech company that has created a new approach to crypto.

Dacxi from Singapore is currently working on the Dacxi Chain, which is a new blockchain technology that makes crowdfunding simple and easy. Set to usher in the era of Crypto 4.0, the Dacxi Chain will be built entirely upon Dacxi’s global network of Crypto Wealth Platforms. It is an in-house crowd-funding system, which will establish a new set of ground rules for the open investment space – in which anyone, no matter their location, can financially contribute to the projects they firmly believe in. Dacxi is making a significant step toward a world where blockchain technology can be trusted more than bureaucratic institutions by democratizing investment. The future will be filled with incredible opportunities for investment, not just to the wealthy. We sat down with Dacxi CEO, Ian Lowe, to discuss the Dacxi Chain, Crypto 4.0, and Dacxi’s vision for the future of crypto.

How do you see Crypto 4.0 evolving? What role does Dacxi play in it?

Crypto 4.0 refers to the unlimited potential of blockchain that translates into global innovation that is meaningful and universal. Blockchain has already brought some innovation. These benefits are now being experienced by a small number of people in all economies. These benefits will grow exponentially with many companies offering practical applications for crypto 4.0. Dacxi’s role in this vastly expanding ecosystem is to democratise investing in growth companies, while making investment opportunities across all asset classes accessible, safe and simple.

Dacxi is a multinational company that has chosen Singapore as its home base.

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Singapore is a market leader in crypto and blockchain, as evidenced by the forward planning and sophistication of Singapore’s regulatory framework development. Singapore’s strong connections to Europe and Asia make it a good choice for a global headquarters. Singapore is able to cross the time zones between the main global centers.

What has happened to the crowdfunding industry since Dacxi was introduced in 2017?

The last ten year has seen very little change in crowdfunding. The natural limits of scale and geography are the main reasons for this. Investees have limited opportunities to raise capital through crowdfunding. It has a significant negative effect on the number and quality of potential investors who are able to understand the investment opportunities. This in turn limits the capital that is available as well as the time it takes to obtain it. The result is that growth companies often have to take the same path as before and look for investment from professionals such as private equity and VCs. This usually results in the investmentee having to pay a high price for growth capital and/or losing control over the company.

How does the Dacxi Chain excel in technical areas? What makes it different from other chains?

The Dacxi chain is similar to LinkedIn, which has other blockchain solutions like Facebook (NASDAQ). Instead of being a universal solution, (i.e. Facebook is for everyone), it’s a niche specialist solution designed for a specific use (i.e. LinkedIn is for businesspeople.

The technology under the hood may look similar but the application to the customer’s needs is completely different. With the Dacxi Chain, we’re creating a blockchain-based solution to connect companies that want to fund their growth with investors that want to make money investing in those companies.

This is crypto/blockchain technology’s future and it makes Crypto 4.0 different from Crypto 3.0. Crypto 4.0 will see the dawn of specialist, customer-focused solutions rather than technology. Crypto usage remains almost exclusively internalized. Crypto people who trade crypto with each other on decentralized exchanges are called DeFi. You can also lend crypto to crypto traders on decentralized exchanges.

Crypto 4.0 is all about bringing cryptocurrency to mainstream markets.

Tell us more about Dacxi’s global network of Crypto Wealth Platforms.

Dacxi’s Crypto Wealth Platforms are designed to help everyday investors grow their wealth with crypto. To provide investors with investment opportunities, we use blockchain technology. This includes crypto currencies as well precious metals. Our wealth platform is not trading, so we are more concerned with educational content and local support. We also believe that regulatory compliance can be simplified.

Dacxi’s Bundles provide a simple way for customers to start building a crypto portfolio. Which tokens are you including in your Bundles and why?

Dacxi customers can invest in crypto currencies and tokens. They also have the option to purchase a Bundle or multiple tokens at once. Dacxi Bundles are created after we have carefully screened the constituent tokens using a wide range of criteria.

We must believe that the tokens offered have enough potential and status to justify our investment in them. We also often group different tokens together into themes that make sense to the average investor. For example, our ‘Blue Chip Bundle’ is a Bundle of select tier 1 tokens, our ‘Blue Ocean Bundle’ is a bundle of tier 2 tokens with compelling use cases and significant potential, and so on.

What is the Dacxi ecosystem?

The Dacxi Chain is part of the Dacxi Ecosystem, which also comprises the Dacxi Coin – the ecosystem’s native currency. The Dacxi Coin will help facilitate the global Dacxi Chain solution, and without it, the project won’t be as effective.

Dacxi Chain, the largest tokenized crowd funding system in the world will address many issues currently faced by the crowd-funding marketplace. This goes far beyond the blockchain. It is the platform that allows us create a global solution. That in turn, allows us to address the big issues of funding innovation.

How is Dacxi planning to grow the company’s global presence?

Dacxi’s internationalisation is under a hybrid model. Dacxi will own and operate certain markets. Some markets will be owned and operated by Dacxi. Other markets may be licensed to partners already in place. This hybrid approach allows us to adapt the model to each market’s needs. This allows us to optimize the pace of geographic expansion.

Which goals are Dacxi aiming to accomplish and which steps are you taking in order to get there?

The timeline for achieving the tokenized crowdfunding vision on a large scale is approximately 2 to 3 years. Although this is quite fast, it’s important to remember that the blockchain world moves very quickly.

There are a few key milestones that must be met to realize our vision. First, expand our base of customers in Australia and UK, then refine our growth strategy. The next step is to expand our reach into important markets and regions around the globe, while growing our investor base. Our third step is to launch the Dacxi Chain our own blockchain. It is this blockchain that will be used to operate our tokenized crowdfunding platform. Dacxi will launch tokenized crowd financing globally.

We have established successful growth companies in Australia and the UK. In 2022 we will take our growth blueprint – including a localised platform, marketing and customer support – into a number of new markets. We will be able to launch our global tokenized crowdfunding platform, the Dacxi Chain, in 2023.

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