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Hakuna Matata, a BSC Project Developing a Donation Ecosystem, raises $600k in Two Days, HKUN Listed at LBANK By BTC Peers


© Reuters. Hakuna Matata, a BSC Project Developing a Donation Ecosystem, raises $600k in Two Days, HKUN Listed at LBANK

Hakuna Matata, a CertiK-audited project on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) combining investing with altruism, has successfully raised $600k in their recent private sale.

Hakuna Matata Raises $600k in Two Days, Listed at LBANK

In the recent press release, Hakuna Matata LTD said the private sale of its HKUN BEP-20 token was one of the largest in the ecosystem, managing to crowdfund $600k in two days. Crowd sale participants also received rewards that they could claim either in BUSD or HKUN—the platform’s token activated on all purchases. A protocol that allows buyers to redeem a 5 percent reward in either BUSD or HKUN.

The project plans to be listed on major centralized exchanges. This will increase HKUN’s liquidity. Notably, HKUN’s first listing will be on LBANK. LBANK is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, with an average daily volume trading volume exceeding $1 billion. On September 28, official trading for HKUN will begin. Hakuna Matat is also in talks with (KuCoin) about future listing.

Hakuna Matata Defy the Odds

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The success of HKUN and Hakuna Matata is when the cryptocurrency market is under pressure, retracing from August 2021 peaks. At the time of writing, major cryptocurrencies, such as ETH and BNB, have experienced double-digit losses, consolidating at spot levels. The team believes that Hakuna Matata was able to bring in investors because of its potential and quality.

Gino Firaza (the team’s CSO) stated that the project would redefine cryptocurrency and tap on the diverse human capital. Commenting following the successful private sale, he said:

“Our team is very diverse, bringing different cultures from different parts of the globe. We can all redefine cryptocurrency together and be the change agent to ensure the best quality token protocol standards.

Play-to-Earn Game, Plans of an NFT Launchpad

With funding, Hakuna Matata plans to launch a Play-to-Earn game currently in development by mid-November 2021. Uniqueness drives the team. They have collaborated with Tony Bancroft, creator of Pumbaa the Box Office animated movie about the Lion King to make their mascot Kuna. Tony, a former Disney animator who was also the director for Mulan.

They plan to establish an NFT Launchpad, which will open the door for a Music and Arts Marketplace. The blockchain’s transparency and automation will allow talented artists to give a part of their sales worldwide to charity. This will help to improve underserved or unserved areas.

The marketplace will have all digital files as NFTs. These pieces can be ranked by investors based on their price, donation percentage and charity donation value. Hakuna Mattata stated that investors want to maximize the long-term impact and value of investments.

Developing a Donations Ecosystem Platform, $50k Donated to Charities

Hakuna Matata plans to eventually develop a Donations Ecosystem Platform that will connect investors, donors, traders, and stakeholders, with charities in need of funding. It will provide support for various charities that are well-respected. All their funding needs will be listed, as will roadmaps and roadmaps.

The HKUN token is used as a unit of exchange and a utility. As part of the integration plan, the team also plans to use payment gateways. The team will be able to “facilitate” the operation of this ecosystem, while maximising the number, value and variety of donations.

Currently, the team facilitates the transfer of 50k dollars to, among others, CHARITY WATER, the Human Relief Foundation, and the International Committee of the Red Cross.

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