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JetBlue revamps website to avoid confusion with new partner American Airlines


On July 16, 2020, an American Airlines plane land on the runway next to a JetBlue plane at Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport.

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JetBlue AirwaysIts next challenge partnershipWith American AirlinesIt is important to let travelers know which plane they are on.

JetBlue will be relaunching its website to make it more clear about the services that are offered, including free Wi Fi and snacks. JetBlue’s Chief Operating Officer Joanna Geraghty spoke in an interview with this week.

Geraghty declared, “Transparency removes confusion.” It makes people feel more comfortable when they are informed about what they will receive upon arrival. This also allows us and American to discuss our fantastic product offerings.

New York-based airline resuscitated U.S. air service after it debuted in February 2000The company offers seat-back TVs with satellite TV and now has Mint Business Class at a much lower cost than its competitors. It also provides more legroom that rivals. Like United AirlinesWe are currently making multibillion dollar investments. improve customer amenities

American Airlines and JetBlue created the Northeast Alliance in February. partnershipThis allows them to buy tickets for each other’s planes, and coordinate their schedules within the region.

JetBlue’s growth has been rapid over the past two decades but it is still small in comparison to large network carriers.

According to the executives of both airlines, this agreement will help them compete better with their major competitors United. Delta Air LinesCongested Airports of Boston and New York City.

However, each airline has its own services and aircraft. JetBlue provides Wi-Fi and seat-back screens for free, as well as alcoholic drinks. American Airlines provides Wi-Fi and offers a variety of alcoholic beverages. suspended alcoholic beverage salesAfter a spike in domestic coach flight bookings, you can now get them on domestic flights. unruly travelersthis year. American Airlines aircrafts may have seat-back entertainment. However, it offers passengers free streaming content on their personal devices. AppleTV+ and Apple Music are specifics that JetBlue does not list.

Geraghty explained that for us it is about making sure our customers understand what they’re purchasing. This redesign, which will probably include bullet points that show the details of each flight, will take several months.

Protection of the brand

JetBlue website changes show that communication is difficult even though the airlines may be selling one another’s flights.

Samuel Engel from ICF, senior vice-president of aviation, said: “Basically it’s a marriage between convenience and brand.” It is a difference that only more knowledgeable travelers will see. [in service]The less-experienced travelers are more focused on price,

Each airline now offers flight searches for flights on its website. The search will display all routes and indicate in small type whether the route is operated by JetBlue, American or both.

Some fares may not be available. American Airlines doesn’t offer JetBlue’s Basic Economy tickets without any fees. An American Airlines spokeswoman said the Fort Worth-based carrier plans to change that eventually but selling it side by side with its own product could confuse passengers.

JetBlue basic economy tickets don’t permit travelers to take a bag into the overhead bin. American’s do. This carrier also relaxed its restrictions in the basic economy.

Another difference: JetBlue offers a list of flight options that includes a link to “amenities available” on its flights, but not American. American notes that WiFi is free for American and JetBlue flights, but it’s not available on JetBlue.

American stated that it will eventually update its website to provide more detail information. American recently upgraded its website with seat maps available for JetBlue, American, and the ability to make reservations via either carrier.

It plans to offer elite frequent flyer benefits to all customers who have this status with each airline in the fall.

A spokeswoman for the company stated that there were customer problems during summer which have been fixed.

This is the moment when everything seems to be going wrong with the partnership.

The Justice Department, 6 states and District of Columbia sued the carriersLast month, the partners alleged that it was violating antitrust laws. They also claim that this partnership will increase fares. They denied the claims and stated that the partnership had helped them increase flights within the region.

Geraghty stated that it is a viable competitor for United and Delta in the Northeast. “We feel very confident that we can present our case to the DOJ. CNBC reached out to the Justice Department and Transportation Department for comments.

JetBlue and American work in coordination on routes and schedules to Boston, New York and other areas. However they can’t collaborate on pricing or fare information.