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James Bond is a valuable movie franchise. Here’s how the 007s stack up


James Bond is played by Daniel Craig in “No Time To Die”

Source: MGM

The first James Bond movie “Dr. No”, released in theatres on December 2, 1962, cost 70 cents to buy a ticket.

Nearly 60 year later, average tickets cost $9. The dashing 007 will be making his 25th guest appearance on the big screen.

James Bond is a movie theatre staple based upon Ian Fleming’s work. one of the highest-grossing film franchises in cinematic history.

This Friday the 25th Bond film “No Time to Die”It was released in UK cinemas ahead of the Oct. 8 release.

The previous 24 films have collectively generated more than $6.89 billion globally and starred seven different actors — Sean Connery, David Niven, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig.

Craig’s fifth appearance in the role of British spy “No Time to Die” is his final. The James Bond movie franchise is enjoying its greatest theatrical success in history with Craig star. It has earned nearly $3.2 Billion worldwide between “Casino Royale,” 2006, and “Spectre,” 2015, according to Comscore data.

Actually, “Skyfall,” the 2012 James Bond film that surpassed $1 billion was in fact the first James Bond movie to reach this level.

Today, tickets are more expensive and consumers have more options to choose from, which means that the numbers for box office revenue in the 1960s are quite different. However, box office experts don’t adjust for inflationThere are so many

Connery’s tenure as Bond saw the global franchise gross around $100 millions. Tickets to the cinema cost less than $2 at that time and James Bond films were released each year.

Roger Moore assumed the role of 007 after Lazenby’s single run and Connery’s reprisal. The films grossed an average $120 million between 1973-1985. Back then, tickets were about $2.50.

Dalton was responsible for the production of two films and generated similar results, even though tickets were selling for less than $4.

After audiences experienced an eight-year gap between Dalton’s “License to Kill” and Brosnan’s debut in “Goldeneye”, the James Bond franchise received a significant boost in boxoffice receipts.

With $356 Million in tickets sold around the world, 1997’s Goldeneye was James Bond’s highest-grossing film. Brosnan’s Bond made an average $372 million per movie at the box office, which helped to revive the franchise.

Craig followed. Craig was the next generation of the legendary hero. “Casino Royale,” which updated the character of 007, featured a fleshed-out and gritty version. The movie grossed almost $600 million in its theatrical run.

There is no way to predict how “No Time to Die,” 2021, will perform in the global box office. It is released in a turbulent time for movie theaters. The industry was shut down by the coronavirus epidemic for several months, and tickets sales remain low.

But, box-office analysts have high hopes for the movie’s theatrical success due to strong ticket sales domestically and internationally. This is especially true because “No Time to Die” will be the only theatrical version.

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