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A future where DeFi and CBDCs can work together By Cointelegraph


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The Decentralized Finance Initiative (DeFi), is revolutionizing the way people around the globe think about money. It’s faster than any financial revolution before it. Banks, which have monopolized the way we’ve accessed money since antiquity, are finally seeing their status being challenged. Now, it’s DeFi which is starting to provide an alternative that could turn the economic landscape on its head and democratize access to finance.

In developing countries where DeFi exists, this seismic shift of power from banks and governments to real people has been long anticipated. EmergingAs a way to send money abroad and get small loans. DeFi also offers financial inclusion, especially when there are 1.7 billion people. Continue unbanked.

Will Harborne is a co-founder and CEO of DeversiFi, a layer-two DeFi trading platform powered by StarkWare’s scalable technology. Will was a consultant in technology, having worked first with Cambridge Consultants. IBM (NYSE:), prior to transitioning into full-time work in the public Blockchain space. Bitfinex joined him in 2017 After a number of projects, Will joined Bitfinex as a full-time employee. Will is a member of the Melon Technical Council — one of the first major governance experiments for a blockchain-based protocol. Additionally, he holds a Masters of Engineering degree from the University of Cambridge.