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Adam Rosendorff, ex-Theranos lab director, testifies about ‘pressure’


On Tuesday, a former Theranos lab director testified that he left the company because of one reason only: The blood-testing technology didn’t work.

Adam Rosendorff (a key witness for government) took the stand in support of Elizabeth Holmes’ criminal fraud case.

Rosendorff stated that there was a lot of pressure on the company to prove this technology’s success during redirect examination. “It came from the top and permeated through R&D.”

Holmes testified to his frustrations in getting executives from Theranos to listen to his concerns regarding the accuracy issues within the laboratory.

Rosendorff stated that Holmes wanted to “expand the Edison’s use from its rollout until the end of my time at the company.” The Edison was the company’s blood-testing machine.

Rosendorff stated that he was “very skeptical” about Edison and his company when he quit the company in November 2014.

Rosendorff stated that he felt it was incompatible with my medical integrity to stay there, and not to continue boosting results he essentially did not believe in. I came to realize that the management did not care about solving problems and diverted resources.

Holmes, who is accused of bilking investors and deceiving patients and doctors out of several hundred million of dollars, faces twelve criminal fraud charges. Holmes has pleaded guilty to the charges and denied any wrongdoing. Holmes was once a Silicon Valley legend. She claimed that her startup Theranos could perform hundreds of tests using just one fingerprick.

Rosendorff left Theranos seven-years ago and said that preparing for the trial and giving evidence at it has upended his entire life.

Rosendorff stated that the stress involved in meeting with government officials, and traveling from San Diego to San Francisco to do so was overwhelming. This issue was always on my mind. “Having to live through some very painful experiences during my time at Theranos.

After four days of intense cross-examination by Lance Wade (defense attorney for Holmes), who tried repeatedly to subvert Rosendorff’s previous testimony, the re-direct was completed.

Wade challenged Rosendorff’s honesty by pointing out discrepancies between Rosendorff’s testimony and his deposition in another case. Wade also interrogated Rosendorff regarding sensitive emails he had sent to Theranos from his Gmail account.

Wade stated that Wade had two pages with detailed information about health for 100 patients. Wade said, “That is a HIPAA violation.”

“I do not know,” Rosendorff replied.

Rosendorff had earlier testified that the emails were forwarded to him in preparation of a federal probe and as part of his plans to file a whistleblower case.

Wade stated, “You sent it to try and get money in the lawsuit.”

Rosendorff responded, “No. Not at all.”

Wade claimed that Wade had also stolen trade secret information.

“I don’t recall,” Rosendorff said.

Rosendorff is scheduled to testify on Wednesday.