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GM to detail revenue expansion during highly anticipated investor day


Mary Barra is the CEO of General Motors Company and speaks to media in preparation for the 2017 General Motors Company Annual Stockholders Meeting Tuesday June 6th, 2017 at GM Global headquarters in Detroit.

John F. Martin, photo for GM

DETROIT – General MotorsMary Barra, CEO of the company and others will discuss plans for significant growth and diversification during this highly anticipated event in Detroit.

The event will focus on future growth. According to those familiar with it, executives will discuss specific goals regarding revenue and profit margins as well as the outlook on the total market for early expansion companies like self-driving cars.

Last year, GM generated revenue of $2.5 billion nearly $122.5 billion,The factory shut downs in the middle of 2019 are responsible for a 10.8% drop in prices compared to 2019. coronavirus pandemicIt is. The company still earned $6.4 billion net income, while the adjusted operating profit of $9.7 million, which is $4.90 per share in 2020, was $9.7billion.

GM executives, in addition to discussing financial targets, will also discuss plans for the company to shift from a traditional automaker that is focused on cost to a platform company, which generates revenue via software, core technology, and other business lines. such as OnStarAccording to people, it is also BrightDrop, an EV start-up.

Barra, and other executives were laying the groundwork for the eventThis was a result of expanding operations beyond the production of cars and trucks.  

Barra stated that he was eager to present the entire growth strategy General Motors’s during an Investor Event hosted by Credit Suisse in June. We’ve discussed a lot, but being able to go back to meeting face-to-face and show it to investors and allow them to meet those who are actually doing it is key.

Expect executives to also discuss in depth the company’s product transformation from an automaker dependent on internal combustion engine vehicles. exclusively offering electric cars and trucks by 2035.According to people, this will contain more details about the company’s plan to invest $35B in autonomous and electric vehicles by 2025.


Paul Jacobson, GM Chief Financial Officer has stated details revealed at the event, which included long-term financial targets, were intended to inform investors about its baseline targets, and future plans.

Jacobson stated last month that they have “plowed deeply into our long-term planning and looking at the longer-term financial plan,” during an interview with RBC Capital Markets. There are some great things about the growth opportunities, industry outlook and other initiatives. At investor day, we will go in detail about some of these details.

In order to raise the company’s value to become more tech-like, an investor event will be a key component. TeslaIts market cap is over $750 billion. GM is valued at $79 billion.

GM’s stock this year is up by about 30% to $53.98 as of Monday’s close. Over the last year, it has been up by around 80%.

Motor No. Engine No.

On Monday, after Engine No.1, an upstart activist investing firm, the stock rose by up to 4.7% 1 said it has taken a stake in GM.Engine No. Chris James, Engine No. 1, is optimistic that the stock of the company could tripple in five years.

James stated Monday that “We believe this company can grow again…we think the stock could triple in five years,” CNBC’s James reported. “Squawk Box.”

Engine No. One rose to prominence following a campaign against Exxon. James explained that the firm’s investment is a stamp rather than a more traditional activist approach.

“We feel this is a great opportunity for people, to pay attention and examine how a business can disrupt itself within an industry in transition,” he stated. We think General Motors does the right thing.