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Microsoft’s Panos Panay explains balancing Surface, keeping OEMs happy


Panos Panay (chief product officer at Microsoft Corp.) displays the Surface Laptop 3 computer in New York on Wednesday, October 2, 2019. Microsoft revealed a foldable, dual-screen phone running Google’s Android OS. It is returning to an area it had left many years ago.

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Panos Panay is the chief product officer at Microsoft. These roles can be conflicting for Panay.

He’s been hyperbolizing on the one hand. Microsoft’sSurface PCs, Microsoft’s first tablet was shown in 2012. However, he is also responsibleWindows users experience. He must also convince PC companies to promote Windows 7 and Windows 8, even though Microsoft has direct competition.

This week, Microsoft launches upgrades and this dual role is fully displayed Windows 11Its first operating system update since 2015 was titled “While”. at the same time launching itsRecent Surface computers

Panay said that he spends the same amount of time with OEMs than he does with Surface.

While he did not say whether Surface is more important than Windows, he said that Windows licenses generate significantly more revenue than Surface computers. Morgan Stanley estimates that Microsoft will bring in $13.3 billion to Windows OEM revenues and $6.5 billion for Surface revenue during the fiscal year 2021.

However, partners who license Windows don’t support Microsoft’s attempts to invade their territory with tablets and laptops of its own. Acer’s CEO told The Associated Press Financial TimesMicrosoft must have thought twice when its Surface tablet was first launched in 2012 And Asus reportedly felt blindsidedPanay introduced the Surface Book in 2015 — which felt more like an old laptop —

Panay talks at Microsoft Events the latest Surface computersHe is almost naturally enthusiastic about hardware and very specific about it. Now, he said, he’s excited — he likes to use the word “pumped” — about the diversity of options for consumers and organizations, no matter who builds the hardware.

Panos spoke highly of Microsoft’s partnerships, saying that OEMs “provide choice for customers.” Panos said that Microsoft’s partners offer more than just choices. Do you have a goal? It’s up to you which device suits your needs.

A level playing field

2016 Microsoft announced a partnershipIn an attempt to avoid any conflicts between Windows and the Surface business, Lenovo is the largest PC seller in the world.

Christian Eigen (Lenovo’s global leader for strategic alliances), who knows Panay since 15 years, said, “We arrived at a very simple approach…we refer to it as a level playing ground.” From an operating system standpoint, it means Microsoft will not provide any Surface-specific features.

Eigen stated that the CEOs at Microsoft and Lenovo talk four to six times a year and lower-ranking teams in organizations speak 12 to 24 times a year.

Microsoft improved communication with its partners about Windows 11 as well.

Eigen explained that it was by far transparenter, more open, and involved more cooperative development. In 2011, Eigen joined Lenovo as the top-selling PC manufacturer in the world. He was present for both the 2012 Windows 8 and 2015 Windows 10 releases.

Steven Sinofsky was responsible for the Windows 7 and Windows 8 releases. He advocated for a new approach to partner communications in 2018. he said in a blog postAny changes to the direction of a company can look terrible and create problems for customers and partners.

Steven Sinofsky (then president, Windows Group at Microsoft Corp.) speaks in New York on Thursday Oct. 25, 2012.

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Panay is a strong believer in communicating with others, and has done so even when he was not there. Panay began to meet with chipmakers employees as soon as he assumed the Windows role. AMDAnd IntelAlso, LenovoSamsung, and other computer makers.

“My goal is to understand what customers really need.” Panay explained that the OEM brand view is used. Surface has the same problem. “Same for Surface. They’re all Windows customers, in the end.” He stated that he has been involved in the design of every Surface model including the Surface Laptop StudioThis week, PCs went on Sale

People have been debating the minimal hardware requirements that Microsoft insists on since June’s announcement of Windows 11. security chip

Eigen stated that the obstacles to upgrading are not too great.

Eigen stated, “I think that Microsoft made the right choice to say, “Look, at some point we must make progress with operating system,” Eigen claimed. Eigen stated that people purchase new smartphones about every two years, but have become accustomed to purchasing new computers every six to seven years. According to him, the sector needs to be more motivated to buy new smartphones.

It was a big deal during the global shortage of chips

Yang Yuanqing is the Lenovo chairman and CEO. He takes a picture with Satya Nadella from Microsoft and Brian Krzanich, then-Intel CEO, during the Lenovo Tech World at China National Convention Center, May 28, 2015. The event saw the launch of a number new products by Lenovo.

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Will Windows 11 drive upgrades?

There is still a lot to be determined about whether Windows 11 is going to increase PC sales or if it will influence the cycle of PC refreshes. This is independent from Microsoft’s actions with its operating systems.

Windows 11 has a new Start menu and better touchscreen and trackpad controls. It also includes buttons that allow you to organize multiple apps on the screen and easy access to Android app. These features may not be enough for people to give up Windows 10 computers.

“I do not think that they will sell well at the gate.” Michael Cherry is a senior analyst from Directions on Microsoft. Cherry explained that although early adopters may buy them, they won’t be available for everyone to purchase Windows 10 because there is a shortage of chip chips.

A 13% increase in unit shipment shipments year over year in the PC market in 2020 was reported by The fastest growth in a decadeAccording to market research firm IDC, it is approximately $13 billion. It’s possible to get Windows 11 on many computers you bought in the last year. The current buying frenzy won’t last long, as remote workers continue their work. IDC projects 14% growth in 2021 but shipments will rise less than 2% by 2022.

Panos said that some Surface features make it more attractive to customers.

“Why are you putting cameras and microphones on your Surface?” Panay stated, “I’d be asked this question.” Imagine trying to pose that question now. Cameras and microphones allow people to connect virtually with their family, friends and classmates via the internet.

A fresh look for Windows is also important. Burd stated that new Windows versions can make people more willing to spend money.

According to Lenovo’s Eigen, Windows 11 is expected to accelerate the process of PCs being replaced by people. According to Eigen, young people could want to go beyond owning smartphones while the older generation might be more interested in upgrading to Windows 11 because it is simpler to use.

Panay’s optimistic. According to Panay, Windows 11 will be much more popular than Windows 10 (which had 1.3 million monthly active devices). It was not clear when this would occur. Windows 10 support ends October 2025.

Panay explained, “We need to listen to what customers have said.” We are super inspired to listen.

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