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Public Mint Partners with Leading Crypto Lender Celsius for its High-Yield EARN Program By DailyCoin


Public Mint Partners With Leading Crypto Lender Celsius to Offer High-Yield EARN Programm

Public Mint, a payment system, has teamed up with Celsius, a leading cryptocurrency lender to provide a complete fintech solution for its users. Public Mint’s fiat-native blockchain and payments infrastructure aims to bridge the gap between fiat and cryptocurrency and traditional and crypto sectors.

Public Mint offers an open fiat native blockchain and APIs. This allows anyone to develop fiat applications, accept wire transfers, credit cards and other stablecoins. It has already chosen Celsius, a popular cryptocurrency lender to be its partner in centralized finance (CeFi), for integration with the EARN program.

“We are honored to be working with Celsius to bring the untapped crypto yields to the masses,”
Jorge Pereira is co-founder of Public Mint and CTO.

What’s the Earn Program?

EARN, the Public Mint’s first program that automates and diversifies yield on USD assets, is available on the Public Mint Network.

EARN is a combination of lucrative DeFi opportunities and highly reputable CeFi providers. The result is a combination of multiple complicated protocols that offer a large yield for an audience with less tech or crypto skills.

This collaboration involves the integration of Celsius and Public Mint EARN platforms. The idea is that this will provide a single-stop solution to the high-yield crypto industry earnings to a wide audience.

“We are excited to be partnering with Public Mint to advance the promise of blockchain-based finance,”
Camilla Churcher, head of business development at Celsius.

“The old financial system is a relic of a bygone era, and rebuilding it on blockchain infrastructure is the mission of both our companies.”
USD+ is the foundation of EARN. It is a synthetic currency with liquid earnings that can be exchanged for US dollars. You can use this synthetic asset to generate yield, and it is also free to transact across the Public Mint Blockchain.

This feature is accessible for both US dollars and Ether through Public Mint’s bridge via USDC stablecoin.

Public Mint is an online payment platform that aims to connect users to the most relevant DeFi information. Celsius sees their partnership with Celsius to be the crucial step towards a smooth implementation of Earn, which will enable it to fulfill its promise of a safe, simple yield.

Celsius – A Leading Name in DeFi Lending Space

Celsius is home to more than 1,000,000 users. It allows them to make a 17% return on their crypto investments in an environment with low interest rates.

The crypto sector has the potential to revolutionize finance by providing opportunities that offer double digit yields for CeFi providers, and even higher rates in DeFi.

Celsius is currently holding more than $21.3 trillion in assets and has made over $837 million in yields in the last 18 month. Celsius also allows users to borrow money at 1%.

Celsius Network has also its native token CEL. This $2.4 billion market-cap cryptocurrency trades at $5.67. That’s down 30% from the $8.05 peak in June.

Public Mint EARN also offers a governance token named MINT that allows stakeholders to get a fee out of the total value locked TVL for their involvement in the governance process. MINT traded at $0.3288 as of this writing, up 335.5% over the past 3 months.


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