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Amazon’s video site breached, exposing future product plans


A Twitch Interactive streaming video services participant watches Link Kit’s Snow World game live.

Kiyoshi Otta | Bloomberg | Getty Images

AmazonTwitch, the video streaming site for Twitch users was breached Wednesday. The data included information about payments to content creators as well as an unreleased product by Amazon Game Studios.

An anonymous hacker claimed they released the information in order to foster more disruption and competition in online streaming video. He also called Twitch a “disgusting toxic wastebasket” via a message to an anonymous forum known as 4chan.

Twitch shared the news via a tweet. However, it did not give any information about the details of the hack or the data that was obtained.

In a tweet, the company stated that they could confirm that a breach had occurred. The company stated that their teams were working fast to find out the severity of the breach. Once more information becomes available we will inform the community. “We appreciate you being patient with us.”

According to the 4chan post, the hacker stole more than 125 gigabytes data. According to the 4chan post, data also included Twitch’s source codes and mentions of Amazon Game Studio plans to launch an internet store for computer gaming. This would rival industry leader Steam.

Amazon Game Studios representative did not respond when we asked for comments.

Amazon purchased Twitch in 2014 for nearly $1 billion. It focuses primarily on video and streaming live games.