Improve Your Writing Quality By These Simple Steps

When we think of famous writers, we think of people like Haruki Murakami, J. K. Rowling and many others. Are they the best writers? Well, it depends. What makes them best is not just what they write but how they present it. It also includes numerous edits & re-edits, reframing the paragraphs and sometimes just throwing the entire booklet into the trash can.

Writing is as tedious as it sounds easy. But don’t be intimidated by piles of re-work you are obligated to do. Instead, consider this a learning process to better at what you’ve been consistently doing i.e. writing. Here are some points that can help you improve your writing skills,

Effective Feedback

No writer can write better unless he knows what his weak points are and the areas of improvement. To enhance the skills, one should be an effective listener and listen to what the readers have to say. It can be friends, family or the online public.

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Mornings with the blank page

Begin your day with writing. Wake up early and put ‘writing’ on the top of the list. Most writers swear by morning time because it is the most peaceful time to be more productive. There aren’t any nagging calls from the marketers or SO asking you to run an errand.

The days are filled with finishing tasks and running errands. It leaves no space for the mind to think calmly. So, wake up in the morning and switch your phone off (or put it on silent mode). Get on to the blank page and just begin to pour your thoughts. Do not be afraid of sounding lame or dull as long as you have a clear imagination – leave the rest to the editor.

Finish the dirty stuff ASAP

Writing can sometimes be very boring, disappointing and sometimes – troublesome! And yet, you need to go on with penning down the words. Don’t judge yourself and finish the first draft. It is the basis of how you want the readers to disseminate the information.

However, when you write, always remember to be grounded with facts and information. Anticipate how the reader wants the story to go and compose accordingly. Write simple, so anyone reading it can understand it easily. If you feel you aren’t up to the expectation, then it is not wrong to get some guidance. Enrol in a program or get in contact with another veteran writer to learn their language.

Final thoughts

There’s this famous quote from the movie Interstate 60, which goes, “say what you mean and mean what you say.”. Following this simple rule will keep the writers on their track to write great!