3 Cool Tech Innovations That Will Make Your Life As a Business Owner Easier

Today’s modern business world is largely dependent upon new technologies for communication and data management. In fact, almost all organizations are completely digital in their operations, with new advances in remote working and e-commerce financial transactions providing state-of-the-art opportunities for efficiency and expansion. With that in mind, a small business owner is in a unique position to take today’s technology and enable their company to improve and thrive.

Although each small business is unique and their industry may differ, there are still universal practices and procedures for any owner to consider. Whether you own a brick-and-mortar organization, run the bulk of your operations from home, or provide goods or services, it pays to stay on top of new technological conveniences. Here, we will look at just three cool tech innovations that will make your life as a business owner easier.

1. Call Center Solutions


No matter the industry, every successful company has one element in mind when it comes to across-the-board success: solid customer service. In today’s quickly moving business world, customers and clients are used to fast turnaround and troubleshooting solutions. Depending upon the size of your company, that may not always be possible. Luckily, new inbound call center software solves that exact issue. With a licensed call center solution, you can move your entire customer service team wholly remote, allowing your call center agents to work on a flexible schedule that can replicate a 24/7 availability for customers. In fact, new call center software allows for multiple phone lines, call waiting, and cloud access, ensuring that your agents can bring up customer historic data and prior communications immediately.

Imagine that, post-pandemic, your customer service agents are still working from home. With only the minimal hardware of a good laptop, mobile device, and cloud access, your employee becomes a one-person service department. By granting access to a few of your customer service representatives, you can schedule their hours on a rolling basis, giving your company the flexibility of round-the-clock customer support. This guarantees a personalizing, efficient customer journey every time.

2. IT Augmentation Platforms

When it comes to efficiency and monitoring your organization’s team efforts, there’s no greater tool than the integration of IT staff augmentation services. For those small business owners unfamiliar with the concept, an IT augmentation service will conduct an actual audit of your full team, assessing which important skill sets aren’t fully represented by your key members. Rather than isolate any deficiencies in individual performance, IT augmentation allows you, as the business owner, to adjust your scheduling and training. This ensures that all your employees have the knowledge, tools, and time they need to fully contribute to every initiative. When considering the size of your small business, the need for well-rounded team members with multiple skillsets becomes even more important. An IT augmentation service provider can guarantee that your team’s efforts are always on-point and accurately focused. For a smaller organization dependent upon a small team, IT augmentation solutions are ideal for time management and budgeting.

3. Virtual Data Rooms


Another great innovation for business owners is the virtual data room (VDR). This enables a company of any size to communicate with customers and clients and exchange delicate information in a safe, remote setting. For example, while a VDR is a licensed software platform, the passwords and encryption protocols can be shared with clients for unique, secure communications and data-sharing. For any company that deals with financial data, intellectual property, or large files of delicate information, a virtual data room is a true game-changer. Not only can a company save money on the physical space formerly required for closed-door meetings, but it can also save on travel expenses for VIP clients and other security employees.