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Inside YouTube millionaire’s $1.4 million Las Vegas home


Graham Stephan is a millionaire since a while now. However, Stephan wasn’t living an extravagant lifestyle until very recently.

The real estate agent-turned-YouTuber, who has more than 3.4 million followersOn his main channel, and is on track to earn $6 million this yearHe made a major improvement to his life when he moved from Los Angeles, California to Las Vegas in December 2013.

Stephan is a California-raised Angelino who decided to move out of California after the Covid pandemic lockdowns began last year. As he was still at home, Stephan had turned up the volume on YouTube to help him with real estate work. He decided that he needed more space than what his 700-square foot duplex offered.

Stephan discovered that the next-door home was up for sale while he was visiting a friend in Las Vegas.

Graham Stephan spent about $100,000 on furnishing his Las Vegas residence, $16,000 of which was for a grand-piano.

Beatriz Bajuelos Castillo | CNBC Make It

Stephan tells CNBC Make It that Stephan and he are close friends who do a lot together. And I could purchase this house, and we could all live together.”

The home, which measures 3,900 square feet and has four bedrooms was purchased by Stephan in 2020. He paid $1.44million with a 15% downpayment. Stephan, acting as his agent and collecting a 3% commission, ended up spending just $172,000. On a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage, his monthly payment was $5,075

Stephan decided to build the house in an entirely new area while it was being constructed. He said he took a leap and believed that everything would turn out fine.

He says, “I had no idea how the floor would look or what the kitchen would look like.”

He knew that the home was ideal for him, and that it had enough space for him to have an office and a podcast studio. There was also an additional bedroom for Stephan’s assistant who could move in and assist him with his YouTube videos. Stephan used a garage to create his YouTube videos. with no air conditioning

Graham Stephan paid $1.4 million for his home but didn’t imagine what it would look like when he finished his kitchen.

Beatriz Bajuelos Castillo | CNBC Make It

Stephan believes he got a great deal on his home, despite its seven-figure cost.

“Since [closing on the house]”The property values of this area have risen 15 to 20%,” he said. Las Vegas has a large population and that is not likely to slow down.

Stephan was very strict about furnishing his house. Stephan spent approximately $100,000 on artwork and furniture, which included a neon sign featuring his slogan “Smash The Like Button”, as well as a $80,000 piano he purchased used for $16,000.

The 310-gallon aquarium, which is situated in the foyer, forms the centerpiece of the house. Stephan so far invested $45,000 in the tankYou will then fill it with shrimp, coral, high-end water filters, and lighting equipment. There are approximately 70 snails and 50 hermit crabs that live in the tank.

Stephan used to make videos from his garage. He now works in a dedicated office and has an exact copy of his old set, which still resides in Los Angeles. To ensure that his videos are in complete continuity during the move, Stephan also purchased another T-Rex skull as well as an aviator wings desk.

Stephan with Jack, his editor. Jack lives in the same house as Stephan.

CNBC Makes It: Beatriz Bajuelos-Castillo| Beatriz Bajuelos Castillo

Stephan spent $115,000 more on an outdoor hot tub and pool, plus landscaping his yard.

He is enjoying Las Vegas more than the additional space. His escape from Los Angeles’ gridlock is a significant improvement to his quality-of-life.

Stephan says, “I love that there is absolutely no traffic in Las Vegas. That I can go somewhere on Friday evening at 5:05 p.m. without having to wait two hours and get five or six miles to get there,” Stephan adds. It’s a wonderful place with a great culture. It is amazing for its food. It is only a twenty-minute drive to get anything that you desire.

Stephan says most people immediately think about Las Vegas. However, he believes that they are drawn to the entertainment and shows. He has discovered peace in the desert.

He said, “Las Vegas is really turning into such a friendly, supportive, and kind community.” It’s an entirely different lifestyle to what people imagine when you get off the Strip.

Nevada does not have an income tax.

“I’m saving 13.3% [on taxes]Stephan: “By living here,” Stephan states. That leaves me with more money to invest in other areas.

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