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Cross-Chain Dex Ravendex On The Cardano Blockchain By CoinQuora

Ravendex Cross-Chain on The Cardano Blockchain
  • Ravendex Labs, a decentralized exchange, began selling its shares on October 5, 2021.
  • After the sale, there will be an open presale.
  • The total $Rave supply is 1,000,000,000 units.

Ravendex Labs, a decentralized exchange, began private sales on October 5, 2021. View the Demo on the platform. Initial Token Offering (ITO), is one of the most effective ways to fund new visions in the decentralized market.

It allows the users of the platform to take part, provide liquidity and establish a market for exchanges of native tokens. Ravendex’s full launch will allow users to not only access a Decentralized Exchange but also offer Native Asset Lending Protocol. Along with a to ERC20 Convertor, Ravendex will also offer a Pool-to-Peer Lending Protocol.

It also has its Cardano Native utility coin $Rave, which is available in a total of 1,0,000,000 units. Cardano token holders have the opportunity to communicate and stake with Cardano, as well as offer liquidity to Cardano-related projects.

Ravendex plans to grow into a decentralized autonomous community. This week. Ravendex’s team hopes to expand the community to the point where they can vote for and participate in the election.

Do you want to know how to buy a Rave token. The private sale is open to all users. You will receive $RAVE in return, which you can then use to list your shares on the exchanges. After the private sale there will be an open presale, which will take place in several phases.

Ravendex Devs also implemented the HTLC protocol model to their Dex Platform. The protocol creates trust for asset DEX. If all parties agree, the protocol will guarantee that there will be a swap. If a few participants decide to not finish the process, they will get their money back.

Swap Protocol and Ravendex Cross-Chain Exchange will offer investors increased liquidity, trading volume and make it easier to transact cross-chain. This makes it attractive for both potential users and users already using the platform.


RavenDex, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that uses the Cardano Blockchain, is called RavenDex. This allows the users of RavenDex to join, give liquidity, and make a market for native token exchange. Ravendex will offer the Native Asset Lending Protocol as well as a Cardano/ERC20 converter and peer-to–pool loan protocol.

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