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YAY Games Partners with SmartEcoSystem for their new Smartphone Release By DailyCoin

SmartEcoSystem partners with YAY Games for the new Smartphone Release

The mobile trend is sweeping the globe and increasing numbers of internet users are spending more time using their tablets and smartphones. Nearly half of all video games revenue is generated by mobile gaming.

As mobile usage and penetration rates continue to rise, it is not surprising that YAY Games (a decentralized gaming marketplace) has partnered with SmartEcoSystem to create a smartphone product.

YAY Games AYYA Phone

SmartEcoSystem specialises in creating and manufacturing consumer devices for LTE and 5G networks. The company is involved in the design and development of simple and advanced data transmission devices as well as complex software and hardware systems. Currently, the company’s priority is the development of products for data transmission in LTE networks as the most widespread in Russia and the world.

One of the essential directions of the company’s activity is the development of smartphones under the AYYA brand with a further release on the market. The AYYA Smartphone offers a unique ecosystem which allows users access to intelligent functions that make life simpler and more secure.

But what’s more important, AYYA smartphones will be released with a pre-installed copy of Bold Point. Bold Point will become the first flagship product from the YAY Games platform. This revolutionary NFT card game is due to be released in Q4.

Besides the previously mentioned, YAY Games & SmartEcoSystem discussed launching a limited-edition AYYA smartphone to coincide with the Bold Point release. Users will have a whole new level in communication security with this new model.

“We are pleased to announce the release of a limited batch of the AYYA Bold Point smartphone. YAY Games is launching a truly innovative product on the market, which fully corresponds to our company’s philosophy. AYYA smartphone and Bold Point game represent the development of already familiar products in new directions.”

General Director of SmartEcoSystem LLC Vladislav Ivanov

YAY Games

YAY Games provides a platform for decentralized games built on Blockchain technology. The games featured on YAY store all in-game data like achievements, objects, actions in the public domain. Thus, it’s completely impossible to twist game mechanics in favor of the administration or the players.

YAY took the best of gaming and crypto industries by adding innovative mining game mechanics, which include the incorporation of and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) tokens and Decentralized Finance (Defi) features. The platform was built to target both gamers, crypto enthusiasts, and newcomers to the decentralized gaming industry.

Through the use of blockchain technology, YAY creates games for players to easily immerse themselves in fascinating virtual worlds, earn in-game achievements, participate in battles both against humans and computer opponents, and at the same time earn money while playing.

Our research-based commentary: “Based on the analysis results of the decentralized games market at the end of 2020, we realized that the threshold for entering Defi games projects is very high for ordinary users, both in terms of financial investments and in terms of technical literacy. Therefore, we decided to develop a technical platform which will allow ordinary players to get acquainted with the crypto industry and decentralized projects by creating a friendly game with a very low entry threshold.” This decision was the Bold Point. Bold Point is an NFT-based collectible card RPG game using innovative mining mechanics. Thanks to its own Sidechain technology, Bold Point allows players to dive deeper into the world of decentralized finance and crypto industry and get all the benefits of financial innovation without connecting their real wallets: in fact, Sidechain is a sandbox within the game’s circuit.

Bold Point

In Bold Point, gamers will have an abundance of options. Level up your character, gain experience in battles, learn devastating skills, and improve characteristics, thereby making your character stronger enough to fight in the battle arena.

All characters and achievements are unique NFT tokens that can be collected, bought, sold, and exchanged on the in-game NFT market. The game is based on an innovative gaming model at the junction of the Play-to-earn and Free-to-play models, where players can earn money without investing their funds to start the game or increase the value of their virtual assets.

For such projects, Bold Point is incredibly easy to explore and play. It’s pretty easy for newcomers to enroll in the world of decentralized finance with the help of educational and game mechanics. The most friendly approach is used to start the game – upon registration, Bold Point will carefully guide you through all the necessary steps.

About YAY Games

YAY is a distributed gaming marketplace that combines gaming and decentralized finance.

YAY’s core is a game marketplace that allows you to introduce multiple games on a distributed basis. It utilizes blockchain technology for decentralized finance, and the gap between gaming and financial services.

By adding in-game mining mechanisms, farming pools, as well as non-fungible tokens for casual games, we bring regular gamers into the blockchain. This allows users to be rewarded according to their achievements, number of played games and tournaments won.

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