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$10.3 billion to date sets annual record


Pete Cannito at Redwire Corporation, New York Stock Exchange on September 8, 2021

Source: NYSE

The third quarter saw $3.9B in private space investment, pushing this year to an all-time high of $10.3B. a reportSpace Capital in New York, this week

Space Capital managing partners Chad Anderson and Chad Anderson said that this quarter set a new record in infrastructure investment. It surpassed the previously established of $9.8B in 2020.

Space Capital’s quarterly report splits industry investment into three categories, infrastructure, distribution and applications.

The infrastructure includes companies that are often referred to as space firms, like those who build satellites or rockets.

Space companies closing SPAC mergers and going public made up a significant portion of the capital raised in the third quarter – with moves completed by Rocket Lab Spire Global BlackSky MomentusAnd Redwire. ORBCOMM (which was bought private for $1.1 Billion) and OneWeb (satellite broadband provider OneWeb), which were both the largest transactions in quarter. OneWeb raised $550 M.

Anderson stated that more SPAC deals are expected to be closed in the fourth quarter. He also noted that the average round size (and the number of rounds) could set new records by the end of the Q4.

Space Capital currently tracks 1,654 companies, which collectively have raised $231.2 Billion in global equity investments since 2012 for its three sectors.

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