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Cognovi Labs’ Emotional AI Can Help Counter COVID-19 Vaccine Propaganda and Enhance National Security By BTC Peers

Cognovi Labs' Emotional AI Can Help Counter COVID-19 Vaccine Propaganda and Enhance National Security

Cognovi Labs was named the Vendor/ Supplier Company Of The Year Award finalist at the 2021 PM360 Trailblazer Awards.

Cognovi Labs is a finalist in the PM360 Trailblazer Awards

PM360, a publication that focuses on pharmaceuticals and biotech, has won the Trailblazer Awards. These awards recognize innovation in healthcare marketing and encourage creativity. Cognovi Labs received the Cognovi Emotional Ai award. This is the latest version of their artificial intelligence-based product that generates real-time emotions at large scales to identify specific emotions which can influence decision making.

It is important to note that the AI-powered solution includes a psychological foundation. The AI integration makes the solution more useful as it allows for a greater understanding of emotions in decision making. Cognovi Labs is focusing on this because they have realized that decision-makers are subconsciously affected by emotions. It is possible for these decisions to be random, such as the way people select their favorite products or companies.

Cognovi EmotionAI: Predicting emotions-driven decisions in real time and at scale

Cognovi Labs has developed a variety of technologies that allow people to predict emotional triggers before they occur. Cognovi Emotion AI, according to the company, is the first AI to accurately measure emotions and allow clients to anticipate possible client outcomes.

Beni Gradwohl Ph.D. co-founder of Cognovi Labs stated that they have been more determined to make use of technology because of the Coronavirus impact and shifts in client behavior. He also stated that the company’s proprietary technology could support emotional, mental and physical well-being.

Solutions by Cognovi Labs in Healthcare and Consumer

The government intervened to stop the spread of coronavirus pandemic. There were noticeable changes in behavior and consumption.

This was mainly because they were emotionally motivated and the advice given to them about how to stop virus transmission. As a result, most of the clients shifted to online shopping and avoided physical shops. Cognovi technology steps in to help clients understand that emotions can directly impact their decisions.

Cognovi Labs claims that their solutions are able to identify consumer buying patterns and increase revenue. The solution can optimize KPIs as well as fine-tune performance of new products. The solution can be integrated by healthcare professionals to improve product launch and prescription growth. They can also tap into the EmotionNPS product of Cognitive Lab for brand enhancement and reputation.

Contribution to National Security Enhancement, and Public Sector Good

Cognovi Labs maintains that the technology can also be used in public sectors to counter propagandism and further strengthen National Security.

To dispel fears about the Coronavirus vaccine’s efficacy, the team created a Vaccine Confidence Tracker that helps to measure public attitudes towards COVID-19 vaccination. Recent trends in America show that a large portion of the public is less enthusiastic and hesitant about vaccination.

Cognovi Labs released their Coronavirus Panic Index (in early 2020) as well. This index tracks the global sentiment and correlates media coverage of COVID-19 with panic, anxiety, fear, or public concern. As governments increase vaccinations and implement other effective interventions to prevent transmission, the slope has been decreasing.

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