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Community will fight big investors in a unique NFT auction

NFT (non-fungible tokens) are making headlines. NFT sales soared to $2.5 Billion in the first half 2021. NFT bridges the divide between digital and physical space by providing an option that protects authenticity and rights to art within the digital realm. The skeptics doubt the financial and artistic worth of images.jpg is claimed to have a value of millions.

superhow.ART is bringing a new standard to the NFT art market by launching a special auction where a genuine oil painting, “Head with Legs,” by one of the greatest Russian surrealist artists, Oleg Tselkov, will be auctioned together with the corresponding NFT.

Project NFTs is about bringing back essence. This means that hype can be left behind and bridges tangible world resources with digital. The goal of the project is to encourage the art community invest in authentic, real, and truly valuable art.

The art market has been dominated by large players for centuries. The blockchain technology has the potential to empower the entire community. Superhow.ART is hosting an auction that will allow big investors to compete with the community of enthusiast for the ultimate prize.


Auction will begin on November 5th 2021 and last for one week. Auction organizers plan to encourage friendly competition among the arts community by accepting two bid sides, Shrimps or Whales. The auction will be open to major and minor bidders.

We are going to the market as a challenge, to find out who wins. We are interested in seeing if the whales have returned and if they are more powerful than our community. Perhaps the community can show small market players that they are able to win by joining forces and becoming fractional owners this wonderful investment asset.”
explains Vytautas Kašėta, the CEO of superhow.ART.

According to organizers, the Whales are high-stake bidders that can spend large sums on painting. Shrimps, a community of smaller bidders who are able to ally themselves with Shrimps in order to combat the Whales, is called Shrimps.

Whales have to beat the bids of previous buyers in order to be victorious. All bids placed by the Shrimps are accumulated into a pool, which competes with the Whale’s bid. The winning Whale gets the painting and the NFT.

Shrimps can win the artwork, which will then be shared with them. The artwork’s NFT will be divided into several parts according to Shrimp bids. These NFTs will then be assigned to Shrimp wallet addresses.

Shrimps who decide to join forces and hand over their shares to one other person (who reaches 75% in the total bid) can claim the painting for themselves and bring it home.

A significant artist’s artwork

Tselkov is a Russian surrealist from the postwar period. His prodigious career justifies the assertion of Simon Hewitt that “Tselkov is destined to be acknowledged as the greatest Russian artist of his era.”

The dominant aspect of Tselkov’s canvases is the challenging motifs. That’s why controversy became synonymous with the artist’s work.

His unique drawings and an unwillingness to alter his creative direction resulted in the aspiring artist’s expulsion from art schools in Moscow and Leningrad, and in 1977, Tselkov was exiled from Russia, allegedly on ideological grounds.

The end of the Cold War and the loosening of Russia’s attitude towards avant-garde and contemporary art resulted in a complete reappraisal of Tselkov’s work in the artist’s homeland and recognition of his impact on the development of contemporary painting.

Apart from prestigious awards, the painter’s work is held across many important collections, including famous museums and galleries and numerous private collections worldwide.

During the auction, the bidders will be competing for Tselkov’s influential piece, an oil on canvas painting named “Head with Legs” (2014), which currently resides in a private collection in Lithuania at the Arty Cube art gallery. The 130×195 cm painting features a disturbing yet gratifying rendering of a human body, facial expression, and bright contrasting colors.

“Inspiring digital art from this artist rebellious, we enter the world of digital art, connecting real and digital assets with this tangible asset.”
notes Kašėta.

Innovative commitment

SUPER HOW? SUPER HOW is an innovative company that uses blockchain to advance society.

THE SUPER HOW? Team SUPER HOW believes that the combination of blockchain and other technologies, such as artificial intelligence, will be the backbone to almost every prominent infrastructure. This has enormous potential for many domains.

The widespread use of blockchain technology in healthcare, finance and education is imminent.

To increase adoption of blockchain technology in the industry and to define the future of NFTs, the company plans on entering the art market. It should not be all about hype or low-quality imagery, but art and culture.

“We are hopeful that the experiment will prove successful and will keep presenting more artwork, using superhow.ART to tokenize the paintings assets.”
says Vytautas Kašėta.


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