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Price Updates, Recent Developments, Future Events, Community By DailyCoin

Harmony (ONE): Price Updates, Recent Developments, Future Events, Community
  • Harmony, a blockchain-based project that aims to create and utilize decentralized apps (dApps), is being developed.
  • Harmony’s Horizon Bridge currently transfers assets to and BinanceChain, with new support for Pocket Network’s RPC (NYSE:) node runners.
  • Harmony’s Q4 2021 will see a lot of activity, including plans for Trustless Ethereum Bridge, Bridge, Chainlink Mainnet, and more.
  • Harmony (ONE), amidst all the activity, has reached a new ATH at $0.2655

Harmony’s focus on validation and speed is what sets Harmony apart from other blockchains. The project’s mainnet is capable of handling an average of 2,000 transactions per second (TPS), but can reach a maximum of 24,000 tps.

Harmony is able to significantly reduce node validation time by introducing an innovative sharding process. Harmony has become a favorite among developers due to its ability to easily create decentralized applications (dApps), thanks in part, to the advanced technology it uses. How has Harmony fared in the recent past?

Recent developments

Harmony was busy in 2021 with many integrations, development and partnerships. Harmony just days later, after a bustling roadmap for development was released, announced Mainnet 4.3.0.

Network upgrades are mandatory for mainnet epoch 725. Mainnet 4.3.0 reduced the internal voting power by 60% to 49% and increased the number of external nodes to 800 from 900. This update brought the SHA3-256 hardfork activation block to mainnet/testnet.

Harmony has seen an exponential growth in the last 2021. The Horizon Bridge transfers Ethereum assets to BinanceChain and BinanceChain. Harmony’s money shuttle bridge has transferred more than $1M USDT.

Harmony continues its efforts to promote mass adoption by integrating the Pocket Network into their ecosystem. On October 15th, Harmony announced that its Shard 0 is now supported by Pocket Network’s global network of RPC node runners.

Harmony will integrate the Archival function in the coming weeks. Pocket Network allows dApps to use economics to efficiently coordinate and distribute large amounts of data, allowing seamless interaction between different blockchains.

Harmony created a $1,000,000 Hackathon in August to achieve its mass adoption goal. This hackathon allowed Web 3.0 and Web 2.0 developers the opportunity to come together and create innovative apps, protocols, tools and other applications. Harmony offers a $50K prize for developers who submit entries by October 20th.

Future Events

Harmony, as per its hectic development roadmap has released its work on the trustless Ethereum Bridge and Chainlink Mainnet. The Harmony Testnet will host these network bridges along with an NFT Bridge across-chain. They are expected to go live before October ends.

For November, Harmony plans to launch the Polygon Bridge and Cross-Chain API on its testnet on the 15th,and the ‘Streaming Sync’ & ‘Fast Sync’ features on November 30th.

Harmony also announced that they are working on integrating 1Wallet with ApplePay, bank wires and other payment methods. There were not many details about what this would mean.

Harmony has scheduled their ‘ONE WorldConference for Oct 18th. Harmony will present its technology to scale DAOs (decentralized autonomy organizations), decentralized financing, and NFTs during the community meet-up.

Harmony plans to expand its reach and work with Composable Finance the interoperable protocol. This will allow Harmony to incorporate its protocol into Composable Finance’s Layer 2-Layer 2 Bridge crosslayer infrastructure.

Although there is not yet a fixed time for the integration, upon completion, Harmony’s infrastructure and projects will be able to both seamlessly send and receive data from all the L2 networks of Composable Finance.

WePiggy announced it would be joining the Harmony community. WePiggy will be looking to integrate its non-custodial crypto-asset lending protocol with Harmony’s open and fast blockchain to build up Harmony’s DeFi ecosystem.

Prices Updates

Harmony’s Q4 development plan was released by the Harmony team. This launched a bull run that saw ONE (ONE) reach an all-time high. ONE was the largest gainer among the 100 top cryptos on October 10, gaining more than 15% to reach $0.26555.

Over the next days, ONE fell to $0.2069. Today, Harmony (ONE), is trading at $0.2257. This represents a gain of 3.74% in the last 24 hours. Harmony (ONE) is the current 58th-largest crypto. It has a market cap of $2.4 million.

Chart of Harmony’s 30-day price for ONE Source: Tradingview

To The Flipside

  • Although Harmony’s technology is unique among other blockchain projects, it remains largely underutilized.
  • These projects include. Kusama THORChainPlease see the following: ChainlinkHarmony currently occupies a larger portion of the market than Harmony.

The Community

Harmony, a technologically advanced project, is often characterized by rapidly-growing communities. Harmony is distinguished by its dedicated community.

It also enjoys a solid following on Social Media with more than 238K followers on Twitter (NYSE :), 35.2K Reddit members, 30.7K Telegram members, 13.6K YouTube subscribers, and 35.2K Reddit members.

Harmonauts are a community of Harmonauts. The project has received praises from many members. @Prabhat78466871 was one of the users who wrote:

As @OneDoge86 tweeted, Harmonauts are very positive about the project.

The roadmap was published by @CheekyCrypto.

Why you should care

Harmony’s primary focus is on block creation and processing speed. If Harmony completes all of its projects in Q4, the already rapidly growing project will see a substantial boost.


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