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Huawei paid Tony Podesta $500,000 to lobby White House

Tony Podesta

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Huawei, the Chinese tech company that’s on a U.S. blacklist for trade, spent $500,000 on Tony Podesta, a veteran Democratic lobbyist, and donor, to lobby the White House in the third quarter.

This disclosure is made as Biden’s administration faces pressure to retain Huawei on the blacklistThe company is restricted from accessing semiconductors. Lobbying occurred between July and Sept.

The details of Podesta’s campaign to lobby Huawei are not yet clear. Podesta’s and Huawei’s responses to inquiries for comment were not returned before publication.

In a Thursday response, the White House criticized Huawei, and stated that trade restrictions still apply to Huawei.

President Biden and the administration consider that digital infrastructure equipment manufactured by unscrupulous vendors like Huawei poses a risk to U.S. security, as well as our allies and partners. “Export controls for Huawei are still in place,” a White House official told reporters when asked about Podesta’s lobbying.

According to the official, “We will use all our resources to ensure that we and our partners are safe.” We are working with our allies and partners to address the risk posed by Huawei. Hundreds of countries have decided not to allow Huawei into their 5G networks. We expect that this trend will continue.

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Huawei hired Podesta previously. However, this disclosure sheds more light on the lobbyist’s long-standing dealings and his large fees.

According to a registration sheet, Podesta, who has been known to have ties with the White House and registered to lobby Huawei in July. This was his first return to lobbying since he quit the company in 2017, when his firm was under intense scrutiny by Robert Mueller.

The third quarter disclosure shows that Podesta only targeted Huawei’s White House Office. According to the disclosure form, it was “issues related telecommunication services or impacted trade issues”. Ron Klain (another veteran Democratic power player) runs the White House Office.

Huawei, which is accused of being a menace to American national security, has tried to win favor with American officials for years. The influence of China’s government over companies is well-known, but Huawei denies that the country would provide data to Beijing.

In 2019, the then-President Donald Trump placed Huawei on a blacklist for trade. Trump’s administration followed suit with the other. restrictions

The Center for Responsive Politics reports that Huawei spent $2 million in lobbying last year. They used this time to target the White House as well as the Department of Commerce.

In lobbying, the company spent $470,000 and has so far invested more than $1 million.

Republican lawmakers are urging the Biden administration to be more open-minded. keep Huawei blacklisted

Alan Estevez,Biden’s nomination to the position of under secretary for commerce industry and cybersecurity, a former Pentagon official stated at last month’s Senate banking committee hearing that he views Huawei as a threat to national security. If confirmed, Biden said he would maintain the trade blacklist of Huawei unless things change.

The Podesta disclosure was also made after New York Federal Prosecutors announced that Huawei’s chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou would be freed from Canadian detention. allowed to return to ChinaFollowing a settlement on wire fraud charges, a deferred prosecutor agreement was reached. Meng also happens to be the daughter of Huawei founder.

“This was a law enforcement matter that was entirely in the Justice Department’s hands – not a policy matter,” the White House official said. The Justice Department stated that it reached an independent decision on Ms. Meng’s behalf to offer a Deferred Prosecution Agreement. This was based upon the facts and law as well as an assessment of the litigation risk.

The White House Press Secretary was then referred to by the official. Jen Psaki’s recent commentsthe Department of Justice with all the remaining questions.

Podesta is a subject of much controversy. NBC News reported that 2019 saw the end of federal prosecutors. investigation into Tony Podesta and former Rep. Vin Weber, R-Minn., in a case connected to lobbying for Ukraine and Paul Manafort without filing criminal charges.

Prior to being investigated, Podesta served as a crucial financier for the Democratic Party. He gave $55,000 to the Senate and House Democrats’ campaign arm during the 2016 election. He contributed also to the campaign of then-candidate Hillary Clinton. John Podesta was his brother and Clinton campaign chair.

Podesta received another $500,000 by Protos Energy SSC (a Bulgarian energy firm). According to the disclosure report, that payment was made after there had been “no lobbying activity.”

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