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Splinterlands Debuts Scalper Protection With New Card Release -Breaking

Splinterlands Introduces New Scalper Protection Card

Splinterlands has become the most played blockchain game. The card game is play-to earn, which allows you to make real money playing it. Splinterlands has just released the Chaos Legion expansion pack cards. This is to continue the growth of their ecosystem. Splinterlands recently introduced the VOUCHER bot protection tool and scalper in order to distribute the card packs fairly.

Chaos Legion is Splinterlands’ most recent expansion. There were 1,000,000 packs available, each priced at $4. The Chaos Legion pre-sale runs for a full month, and the initial interest already seen during the first 24 hours confirms players’ excitement regarding this expansion. Such high interest in these new cards confirms Splitnerlands’ dominant position in the play-to-earn blockchain gaming segment.

Splinterlands created a unique Voucher mechanism to fight bots. All players should have access to Chaos Legion. Instead of selling all the packs at once and allowing them to be purchased in large quantities by concentrated groups, the team created a new voucher token. Each card pack will need to be purchased with the $4 token. You can only get VOUCHER by playing the game, and then staking SPS currency. It ensures that the cards are given to players who have actually played the game and not bots or scalpers.

Over the 30 day pre-sale period 33,333.33 Voucher tokens will be created each day. This equates to 1,000,000 VOUCHER voucher tokens. Splinterlands has the ability to monitor and control all aspects of this purchase and make sure everyone gets equal access to Chaos Legion packs. VOUCHERS encourages the community to secure SPS over the long-term as this asset can be used in promotions, sales and rewards.

The Chaos Legion Pre-Sale will continue to allow for the use of VOUCHER tokens in order to receive additional benefits. Users can also continue earning tokens by stake SPS. Team members are exploring various options including liquidity pools or other sources. Splinterlands’ official channels will have more details about the future of the VOUCHER tokens.

“The VOUCHER system is a fantastic way to provide value to the governance holders and our community. It is essential to prevent whales and robots controlling the market, and price out players who love and play our game. Splinterlands is a step forward in fair and equitable distribution of NFTs as well as other digital assets having monetary values. Other blockchain projects, either in the gaming industry or otherwise, may take this example as an invitation to introduce a more fair way of conducting sales in the future.”
Dr. Jesse

Reich, Splinterlands co-founder and CEO.


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