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Top Cardano Projects to Watch Out for in Q4 of 2021 -Breaking

The Top Cardano Projects You Should Be Watching in the Fourth Quarter of 2021
  • Cardano’sThe most exciting projects from DeFi are now using smart contracts.
  • With 100 deFiBlockchain is becoming an increasingly popular platform for projects. There are more than 2,300 other blockchain-based projects that have been deployed.
  • Sundaeswap, Cardano’s decentralized exchange, looks set to battle and PancakeSwap alongside its Cortex and Liquid.
  • CardanoAs more blockchain-based projects are deployed, the industry is poised for another huge run. Its price could reach $5 in the near future.

The third generation of blockchains was created to compete and surpass the. Cardano, the third-ranked blockchain of its kind has been dubbed the ETH killer. Cardano’s robust roadmap and useful utilities have attracted developers since its Byron stage.

Due to its incorporation of smart contracts, the Ethereum blockchain has more than 3,500 DeFi solutions. It has been the leader in the DeFi Wave. Due to scaling issues, many developers have switched to other chains. With the release of Alonzo Cardano, Cardano is now poised to challenge Ethereum.

Smart contract functionality has been huge for Cardano, which was a people’s favourite. Cardano has the potential to surpass Ethereum in speed and decentralization. It also offers global reach and security.

Already, the Alonzo era is underway. Cardano has about 100 dApps, and many more are in development. Cardano’s fourth quarter will be full of amazing projects, including NFT and decentralized exchanges.

NFT took the world by surprise last year. It has grown even more this year. CNFT will become Cardano’s NFT hub to rival other chains. Already being compared by OpenSea and CNFT will bring together the Cardano ecosystem. This platform was launched before Cardano upgrade, and assets can be traded using smart contracts.

CNFT boasts over 170,000 assets and has recorded over $1,000,000 of sales. The CNFT platform gives many users a lot of control and is a developing decentralized ecosystem. The platform allows users to trade and mint NFTs as well as invest in it.


A platform’s decentralization exchange can reshape and gather traction around its chain. SundaeSwap on Cardano Blockchain is a decentralized platform that allows users to trade on the Cardano blockchain. It is currently one of the most desired projects on the platform.

Already being compared to Uniswap and Pancakeswap, the first and second-largest DEX’s based on Ethereum and BSC respectively, Sundaeswap is expected to become a force to be reckoned with among DEX’s.

Peer-to-peer trading of crypto assets is possible through the platform. It has a user-friendly interface. The platform allows users to trade, borrow, lend, and stake their crypto assets.


Cardano has an on-chain stable coin called Ardana. Ardana has many utilities, including minting and transfers as well as staking and lending. Dana users are able to keep cryptocurrencies in wallets compatible with Ardana. They can also use DanaSwap as a decentralized platform for trading stablecoin pools.

By putting up collateral within ADA, a user can quickly get a loan. The collateral, like other DeFi loan protocol, is greater than the loan. This makes it difficult to lower the benchmark. Users can stake Dana tokens to gain ADA.


OccamFi has a wide range of DeFi solutions and is an original protocol. It facilitates borrowing and lending on Cardano’s blockchain, as well as funding new DeFi projects. Occam Razor, the platform’s launchpad, will provide decentralized financing for the Cardano dApps.

OccamFi offers many options for projects to launch, and the community is at the heart of them. Occam Razor gives projects an edge in the market as they have their community behind them. OccamFi will launch a DEX later in the year, adding more value to its ecosystem.

To The Flipside

  • The multiplicity of DEX’s on the platform may lead to unhealthy competition on the blockchain, restricting growth.
  • The threat to mass adoption of these dApps comes from larger dApps across other chains. ETH 2

Cardano: The Future

Cardano, a third-generation cryptocurrency that has been upgraded to Alonzo, is living up to its ETH master title. ADA is currently the third largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization and has reached the $3 mark since the launch Alonzo.

The launch and rollout dApps will bring a significant price lift to ADA. In fact, bulls are even aiming for $5, as ADA gets more adoption. It is quite possible that, next year, Cardano will become a DeFi hub with leading protocols in NFTs, stablecoins, and DEX’s, among others.

What are the reasons to care?

Cardano has new dApps that encourage participation from the community. If these dApps get enough popularity, then the blockchain’s value will skyrocket. Cardano is already scaleable, which means it can process more transactions.


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