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Factbox-Queen Elizabeth, Britain’s longest-reigning monarch -Breaking


© Reuters. FILE PHOTO. The Global Investment Summit reception at Windsor Castle in Windsor, Britain was hosted by Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain and Boris Johnson, Prime Minister. Alastair Grant/Pool via REUTERS/File Photo

LONDON (Reuters – Queen Elizabeth of Britain, the longest-reigning monarch on earth, was hospitalized for a night but she returned to Windsor Castle Thursday.

These are facts about Queen Elizabeth II, 95 years old:


Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, was born on April 21st, 1926 at 17 Bruton Street, London W1, and was christened at Buckingham Palace on May 29th, 1926.

In 1936, Edward VIII, Edward’s uncle, died for the love and affection of an American divorcee. George VI was the father of the queen.

Two years after World War Two ended, she married Navy Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten. This was a Greek Prince whom she fell for while she was only 13.


When she was 25 years old, she was Queen Elizabeth II. She became queen on February 6, 1952 after her father died.

On June 2, 1953 she was made monarch in a ceremony that took place at London’s Westminster Abbey and was broadcast live.


Philip, it was believed, would be devastated when his wife became Queen so quickly.

Philip was her husband, and she married him when she turned 21. Their marriage lasted 74 years before he died in April 2021.

Charles, who was born in 1948; Anne, in 1950; Andrew, in 1960; and Edward, in 1964.


Winston Churchill was her first British prime minister.

While she is the head of state, her neutrality on matters political remains. The queen doesn’t vote.


Elizabeth was the symbol of stability, having ascended to the throne just as Britain was losing its imperial power. The reign of Elizabeth, who ruled for almost 70 years is the longest ever by any British monarch.

Her quiet, uncomplaining devotion to her duty as queenship has won her considerable respect in Britain, and internationally, including from republicans eager to abolish the monarchy.


Her Majesty Elizabeth, by the grace of God, the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom of Great Britain, and the United Kingdom of Her Other Realms, Queen of Her Territories, Head of The Commonwealth, Defender the Faith.


She is the head of government in 15 Commonwealth nations, as well as the United Kingdom. The Commonwealth, an association of 54 countries independent of each other, is headed by the Queen.


The 40th anniversary of her accession, in 1992, was a year she famously described as an “annus horribilis” after three of her four children’s marriages failed and there was a fire at her Windsor Castle royal residence.

The death of Princess Diana, the divorced wife of Elizabeth’s son and heir-to-the-throne Prince Charles, in 1997, damaged the family’s public prestige.

Harry, Charles’s younger son, and Meghan, his wife, stated in an explosive interview with Oprah that one royal, unidentified, had made a racist comment about their first-born baby. They had moved to America after the royal couple decided not to return from their duties.