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U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy guidance on mix-and-match Covid boosters

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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, late Thursday approvedDistribution of booster doses ModernaThe Covid vaccine is for the most vulnerable adults six months after receiving their second shots. Johnson & JohnsonFor all 18-year-olds who had received their first shot more than two months prior to this date, boosters will be provided.

Mix-and-match booster shot approvals were also granted by the CDC. It was up to physicians to choose which booster dose will be most helpful to their patients. The CDC approved last month booster shots Pfizer’Six months before their second shot, the vaccine that protects Americans most at-risk.

Murthy stated that if Moderna or Pfizer have been purchased, it is reasonable to keep what you already own. “Squawk Box”Interview.

“The good news is that for Johnson & Johnson, you’ve got good options now available,” he said. “The data show that folks who got Johnson & Johnson and got boosted with Moderna or with Pfizer had a really strong antibody response.” Data also showed a strong immune response from a J&J booster dose, he also noted.

Murthy explained that “we have many choices now,” Murthy added, adding, “we have flexibility regarding which vaccines we get and boosters will enhance and extend people’s protection.” If you are eligible for the booster, I urge everyone to get it.

Murthy said that the CDC continues to assess whether boosters of approved Covid vaccines are necessary in order to consider a person fully vaccinated. He said that they may alter this in the future. A booster might be required if that changes, however, for the time being, boosters are not necessary.

Pfizer said its vaccine was similar to Moderna’s. dataA booster dose of the vaccine increased Covid’s protection by more than 95%. J&J saidIf given within six months of receiving the first dose, a booster dose can boost antibodies by 12 times.

In the United States, there are more than 11,000,000 doses of booster pills. according to CDC data. Pfizer was the company that approved booster doses in September.

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